Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Food: Review of In House Cafe - Sri Petaling

I was around Sri Petaling area running some errands with my family and we decided to stop by for some refreshment at one of the cafes in the area. The area is booming and lots of restaurants and cafes are mushrooming. We decided to try out In House Café since it looks cosy and comfortable from the outside and it is also spacious, perfect for us since we are pushing a stroller.

The ambience in the cafe is not bad. Very comfortable and relaxing environment to hang out with friends. The interior and exterior is quite nice but I wish they have cushions for their rattan chairs. I suspect that they do have but removed to avoid maintenance because the waitress placed 2 cushions on the chair to prop up my 3 year old boy

We poured through the menu and they have an interesting variety of food and beverages. The cafe serves pork and alcoholic drinks, thus it's not a halal place. The food looks good but since it is close to dinner time, we just ordered some snacks and drinks.

I finally decided on the Pork burger and chocolate chip ice blended. My 3 year old ordered the sweet savoury Yam 'Bao'. I don't think he knows what it is, but he just wanted it due to the purple colour. They have 2 other types of the sweet 'Bao' in red and yellow. My wife ordered the ice milk tea since she's not very hungry.

The cafe has free Wi-Fi, few TVs airing Astro channels and soothing music. Overall the experience was good until we place our orders. The customer service at the cafe needs some improvement. We pressed on the call button but no one entertained to us until we have to stop one of the waiter in his steps. The staff there does not believe in serving with a smile. Their faces are so sour that I think a lemon would taste as sweet as honey. The management should really look into their customer care.

As we sit back and unwind, the food arrived and first impression of the food was good.

Choc-chip ice blended
Ice-milk tea
The drinks are not bad but I would prefer if they would stop using plastic cups for the sake of environment.

Yam Bao
The yam 'bao' was also very tasty. The bun is very soft and the filling is delicious.

Pork Burger

Pork Burger
I didn't expect the pork burger to be 2 mini-size. The presentation of the dish is good and I love the crinkly fries that they serve instead of those thin stringy fries that most cafe serves. The pork is well marinated and overall, the burger is tasty.

I looked over at other tables and the dishes looks good. I will pay a few more visits to this cafe to have an overall judgement.

You can find their locations over here.

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