Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Unboxing and Review

I picked up an Elite Jolt for RM18.90 from Lazada's Nerf Shop. As per the picture, the Elite Jolt is painted a dark-blue with the Jolt and NERF Logo painted in black, a white strip on the barrel, the handle is grey and orange trigger.

As with all Elite range, their blasters are all blue and orange theme. The orange muzzle and priming rod gives the Elite Jolt an striking aesthetics. In my opinion it actually looks quite cool. The muzzle does not affect the performance of the elite darts.

But one complain about the Elite Jolt. As per comparison above, one side of the Jolt is nicely done while the other side is just plain. I wonder why? It might be due to the printing of caution note "CAUTION. Do not aim at eyes or face".

The Elite Jolt works just like any other blasters. Load a dart, pull the priming rod, aim and fire. NERF has done any amazing job in designing the priming rod as part of the handle keeping the Jolt compact.

Clocking the priming rod, the spring feels strong and it does pack a punch. This little blaster is not to be scorned. I tried to fire at close range on my palm and it does hurt a little.

At times you can vacumn load the Elite Jolt darts. Just place the dart halfway in the barrel and prime quickly to suck the dart all the way in. It is good when you want to load fast. But it does not work all the time.

The Elite Jolt is impressive firing quite a distance. The Elite darts go straight with fair amount of force improving on the accuracy.

Overall, I would say the Elite Jolt is worth the price for a pocket size NERF.

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