Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Introducing Kao Merries Diapers to Malaysia from Japan

A new Japan diaper brand, Merries is introduced to Malaysia and I am happy to get a pack of Merries pants diaper for trial. Merries by Kao, is 100% made and imported from Japan and is the No. 1 diaper brand in Japan. Merries diaper is soft to the touch, high in absorbency and exceptional breath-ability.

The Merries pants pack is bright and colourful which comes with carry handles for easy carry and tear-along perforated lines to neatly open the pack (on the current diaper used, I have to rip it open and it looks like being torn apart by some wild animals. Ok I'm exaggerating a bit). Their walker pants would be more suitable for travel use and active child since it can be slipped on easily and torn at the side seams for disposal.

The front of the bright and colourful Merries pants pack.
I was recommended XL size for Maximus according to the size chart.
Merries pants are slightly smaller since Max is wearing L size on his current brand.

Product information can be found at the back of the Merries pants pack.
It is all in Japanese but the graphical diagrams are informative enough.

The right side of the pack shows the size chart.

More information on the left side of the pack on proper disposal of soiled diaper.

The trial pack came together with a cute Merries Bunny.

Merries pants comes in different design.

  This is how Merries pants looks like. It is very lightweight and slim.

 There is a blue tape to wrap up the diaper for disposal. 
I have seen this design in another Japanese diaper brand and I find it a useful feature for proper disposal of soiled diaper preventing the content to leak out.

 On the inside, the texture feels so soft like cloth and it does not stick to the child's bottom.

An interesting feature of Merries diaper is the wetness indicator strips in the middle of the diaper. I have not seen this on other diaper and I find it a good feature to alert mummy and daddy for their nappy change. When dry it is yellow and slowly turns a darker shade of green as it gets full with pee. 

Here's Maximus checking out his new diaper. 
He is all smiles and kept asking me to open and show it to him.

Time to put the diaper to test. Maximus is toilet-trained and only needs diaper during bed time for those emergency instances when he loses control and empty out a night's worth of pee on the bed. I will need a diaper that fits comfortably on him to sleep throughout the night.

 Here's Max with his funny face putting on the Merries pants before retiring to bed.

As you see, the gathers is soft and fits snugly on his waist.

The gathers that wraps around the thigh is also very soft.
Max told me that it is soft and nice to wear and it does not leave any deep markings on his soft skin after long period of use.

After testing the diapers for few days, my verdict is that it does leave the child's skin dry. It absorbs well and maintains dryness throughout the night. Merries pants uses Air Channels to release humidity keeping the child's skin dry and comfortable for long period during usage.

Kao Merries is currently available nationwide in Malaysia at selected AEON stores. Head on down and pamper your child with this awesome Merries diaper.

Visit Merries Facebook page for more information. 

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