Sunday, 25 August 2013

Food: Halia Restaurant Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet at Sime Darby Convention Centre

Yesterday we went to the Halia Restaurant at Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) for my wife's birthday treat. Halia meaning ginger in Malay, is nestled away from the busy bustling city but yet conveniently accessible for all. It's connected to major highways and a short drive from anywhere within Klang Valley.

From the website, Halia, our modern and trendy restaurant offers local, asian and western cuisine. Favourites such as Tauhu Goreng Telur, Nyonya Popiah and the Oriental Barbequed Lamb Rack will keep you coming back for more. Not to be missed are the popular daily Churrasco BBQ and the Weekend Hi Tea.

Halia is located on the first floor at the same floor as the SDCC's Grand Ballroom. At one end is the Halia and at the other is the China Treasures restaurant.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by the cashier at the counter on the right at the waiting area. Since I've made prior reservations, we were brought to our table by their polite servers.

Mummy and the boys. It is very hard to capture a decent photo of the boys nowadays. LOL. Max as usual will show his monkey faces and Seb more often will not want to have this photo taken.

We are seated at the front of the restaurant where the buffet line starts where the salad, lemang, ketupat palas, rendang chicken, soup and beverages are. Behind the glass partition is the rojak buah.

The salad bar. The leafy vegetables of the salad are not very fresh and it is very dry.  

Move on to the back of the restaurant, we have more local cuisine such as nasi briyani, briyani chicken, roti jala, and a selection of dim sum.  

There are more seats at the back of the restaurant next to the local and dessert section.

The dessert corner has a variety of local kuih, cakes, cookie, pudding, ice-cream and many more.

You can expand your creativity by making your own ais kacang masterpiece with their wide array of fillings of cendol, jellies and fruits.

At the far corner, they have a selection of fresh local fruits which is refreshing starter before you hit the buffet line.

There are few stalls outdoor that serves fried and BBQ delights. There are keropok lekor, goreng pisang, curry noodles, kebab, mexican enchilada and satay.

At this point, I'm thinking how am I going to fit all this delicious food into my stomach. Everything looks so tantalizing good. I guess I just have to dine selectively and give up on some. Below are a series of some food that I captured.

 Their delicious and refreshing rojak buah

This is one of their best dishes. The lemang, ketupat palas, serunding and ayam rendang are just too hard to resist. I went for two servings of this. 

The chicken and beef satay with their hot peanut sauce. Yummy. Wish I have a bigger stomach to house more of their satays.

Nasi and ayam briyani with a serving of black pepper prawns and roti jala

This is my curry noodle creation. Underneath, there are more large prawns hidden. 

After the heavy meal, I wonder if I still have room for more. Well, maybe a little for dessert. I ordered fried ice-creams and my boys were wondering how ice cream can be fried. Not many places serve fried ice cream and this is certainly a must have. The golden crispy pastry enclosing the ice cream and once cut, some melted ice cream starts oozing out. Ahhhhh ... heavenly.

And what better way to finish off with this good hearty meal. A cup of freshly brewed long black and another cup of espresso.

Just when we thought of calling it a day, we had another surprise. SDCC arranged for a clown to entertain their customers and visitors.

Mr Clown and Sebastian.

Max giving Mr Clown a hard time with his barrage of never-ending 'whys'. Max was initially scared of the clown and hit under the table. But he slowly warmed up and began talking to Mr Clown.

Mr Clown made a cat for mummy which Seb laughed and said it looks like monkey.

Mummy and her cat?

The boys got their guns and sword that kept them occupied for a while.

The view overlooking the KLGCC golf course from the balcony. So nice to see such nice serene view with all the greeneries.

The SDCC is a great place to visit. Their parking spaces are plentiful and beautiful lush landscape. 

Halia restaurant is wonderful place to dine if you want a quiet and relaxing place to dine. The whole of SDCC is fully Wi-Fi and air-conditioned. I would rate their food a 4 out of 5 but definitely a 5 star rating for the comfortable ambience.

Location map of SDCC


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