Friday, 23 August 2013

BackJoy, is it a scam?

Recently I came across the BackJoy and it came highly recommended by my colleague who had been using it for a while. She mentioned that it improved her posture and decrease her back pain. I was wondering how could a plastic thing that looks like some child support sit improve on your posture.

Nonetheless, since I have backaches often, I decided to do some research online and see what others said about the BackJoy. What I have found are mixed reviews. Some say it is a wonder that they simply can't live without and some say that it is a scam.

From the product page, this is what was advertise as. The BackJoy relieves back pain and make life more comfortable. The BackJoy is able to fix the way you sit and relieves pressure like a shock absorber for your spine.

After getting all the information online and trying it out myself on my colleague's BackJoy, I am convince that it does correct your posture. Since we are sitted down most of the time especially in the office or stuck in KL's rush hour jam, it would be a good to have this BackJoy to relieve the pressure of the nerve in our arse.

Here's a comparison between with and without the BackJoy. With it, you can see that our spine curves naturally into an S-curve while without our spine are curved causing long-term pressure on our back.

But for those who had back surgery or serious back problems, this might not be the miracle cure that you should seek. It is just a support to 'force' you to sit in an optimal position with a natural pelvic support. It is still best to consult your doctor.

To ensure optimal results, you have to use the BackJoy as illustrated at the guide above. Make sure that you are seated on top of it and there are no space between the cup of the BackJoy with your bottom. There are many variants of the BackJoy and it is best to test out and see which suits you the best.

I am considering in getting one for myself and my wife since we spend most time sitting down in the office. We came across one store in Viva Home. Cheras. I can't recall the name of the shop but it is right opposite Giant Hypermarket at the ground floor. So far they carry the whole selection of BackJoy whereas other places I can only find the Posture+.

The price is RM169 each which is quite pricey for a piece of plastic. It would be great if I can get this as a gift. Anyone feeling generous out there? ... LOL

You can also get the BackJoy from Amazon. Click HERE to visit Amazon Store (


  1. Hi bored KL dude (try some board games to prevent yourself being bored, lah!). So did you end up buying it? What is your experience with it? I found this product at Borders. Any Borders actually. Intrigued by it. For a piece of plastic costing RM169, it really is expensive in Malaysia. However, after an hour of surfing including watching someYoutube videos on the product, I am going back to the shop and will ask for a trial sit/demo. You see I am a progammer who spends easily 6 hours a day in the office doing my work. I also spend at least 80 to 100 minutes a day for five days,commuting from Bandar Saujana Putra to Petaling Jaya. So if this product works for me, I'm buying it. Wish me all the best, I'll report to you my finding soon.

  2. Hi,

    Was googling on where to buy backjoys in malaysia, which lead me here.

    I am currently "stealing" my colleague's backjoy for the day... well, actually have been stealing it since few days ago. It really helps to reduce the pain im having at the tailbone. I am gonna get this, currently rakuten is offering a buy 2 for RM299

    Thinking to buy from them for me and le hub


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