Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Epic Home Movie - Maximus "Bee" Scare

Max was showing off his horse imitation to us. He was neighing and making galloping sounds. When he got down on fours, he stopped and was engrossed in something that was on the floor.

As curious as he is, he went for a closer look and jumped up shouting "Bee! Bee!". Hahahaha ...

To double-confirm, he lay down for a closer look at the 'bee' and jumped up again shouting "Got bee! Bee!".

Hahahaha ... home movie fail. He was scare by a dead insect which is not even a bee in the first place.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Create Yummylicious Healthy Low Fat Ice Cream

After freezing the bananas overnight with my new dessert maker, with much anticipation from the boys, I setup the dessert maker and start preparing to press out the healthy banana ice cream for them. They are shouting for me to hurry up.

Imagine this, I can now indulge myself in healthy low fat ice cream anytime (as long as I stock up on fruits and freeze it). The yummylicious ice cream can be made fresh at my own convenience and at a fraction of the price of what I need to pay for those over-priced frozen fruits yoghurt.

The best deal is that no mixing, whisking and etc is required. All you need to do is to freeze your fruits, power on, throw in the frozen fruits and with a little exercise, press out creamy ice cream (depending on the type of fruits).

After allowing the frozen bananas to thaw for a while, I popped the frozen bananas down the chute and turned on the machine. With the plunger, I pressed out nice creamy yummy banana ice cream. The best of all, it is healthy, dairy free, low fat and sugar free.

Since fresh fruits are used, you can assure that you are getting a dessert full of fiber and vitamins. This is a good alternative to ice cream especially for your children. My boys can now enjoy a variety of fruits in the most interesting form that parents usually forbids them to have too much.

A popular ingredient is the bananas for its rich, creamy texture. Bananas are also naturally sweet, so it’s good on its own or it makes a good base for your any other creative combinations you have in mind. Since I don't have any Oreo cookies around, I blend in some hard nougat sweets with the frozen bananas.

The outcome is healthy crunchy banana ice cream. Here are my boys giving the thumbs up as they indulge in the healthy ice cream. Next I will be trying out with other fruits. I am thinking strawberries, mangoes, kiwi and pineapple. For sorbet texture, I will try out with watermelon and oranges.

If you have a sweet tooth for fruity ice cream but worry about the calories, I highly recommend that you try out the Ice Cream Maker. You can check it out at Amazon.com by clicking here. This is a great and must have in your kitchen. My neighbours ordered a unit each after I served them the fat free ice cream when they came over.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Healthy Dessert Maker - Fruit Yoghurt/Ice Cream

Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, my dessert maker finally arrived at the doorstep of my office. I ordered it online for RM99 only. It is an exact replica of the Yonanas by Dole dessert maker which retails for RM298 and can be found at Cold Storage supermarkets.

Ever since we tried the dessert from the dessert maker during a demo promo at Cold Storage, my two boys pestered me to get a unit. The yoghurt produced by the machine from the frozen bananas were delicious and amazing how it could get the creamy texture close to ice-cream.

Since this would be once a blue moon dessert making activity with my kids, the RM298 original Yonanas seems too steep. I was happy that I came across a cheaper alternative and without much doubt, I placed the order for a unit.

At the side of the box, it displays a step-by-step picture diagram on how to operate the machine.

Why it's healthy? What more can I say. You only need to use 100% frozen fruits to press out nice creamy yoghurt without adding any other ingredients. Just plain healthy wholesome fruits.

Since I am in the office, I just opened up for a quick check to see what's in the box and to check everything is in order. The machine and plunger is wrapped in plastic and protected by cardboard protector. In the box is also the user guide that advises the parts to be wash with warm soap before use. I have to quickly keep the machine since I'm drawing unwanted attention from colleagues.

Upon arrival back home, you should have seen my boys' eyes. They were big and round when they saw me carrying it in. Immediately they gave a whooping cry of delight and rushed to the kitchen to get some fruits. I have to stop them and tell them that the fruits have got to be frozen overnight.

After dinner, I went out to get some bananas and end up visiting few places to get some fresh ones.

Here are the bananas peeled and packed waiting to be frozen. After popping them into the freezer I took out the dessert maker and took apart the parts to wash. It is a breeze to dismantle the parts. Just twist the funnel clock-wise and out comes the main compartment. Unscrew the bottom part and remove the blade.

Washed and left the parts to be air-dried before putting them back together again. 

The base of the machine where the main compartment of the funnel is attached to the motor. A twist to the right to remove the compartment.

At the side is the On-Off button. If I'm not wrong, the original Yonanas machine will have the Yonanas print at this side. After putting the parts together, I turned on the machine and it works fine.

I will be putting it to test tonight and prepare some good banana dessert. I will post the photos of us enjoying the delicious dessert tomorrow.

You can get this wonderful dessert maker and recipe from Amazon.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Food - Coffee Berry @ Taman Bukit Hijau, Cheras

We passed by this cafe few times when we patronise Coco Steamboat, which is on the same adjacent road. So we decided to pay a visit one fine sunny day for lunch. My first impression was that it looks like some quaint-olden Chinese steakhouse.

The interior of the cafe is cosy and comfortable. Not much for design, but as I mentioned, it looks like those olden steakhouse. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of customers. My guess they are mostly residents at walking distance who pops by this cafe for their meal. Well, if this cafe is located near my place, I would frequent it often as well.

They have quite a wide selection of food and beverages. Apart from the a-la carte menu, they provide set meals as well that comes with drinks. Since this is our first visit, we were not sure on what to order and we took the set meals available.

For the kids, they had iced-Ribena with lemon. Had to order an extra drink for Maximus since he ordered the chicken wings only. Sebastian's drink is included in his spaghetti with chicken-chop set.

For me I ordered their coffee and my wife ordered their cappuccino. The coffee was not bad but the cappuccino taste like some 3-in-1 coffee. For us, we would not order the cappuccino again.

For our meal, we ordered the Soup Noodles with Fish Slices, Lamb cutlet, spaghetti with chicken chop and chicken wings. The soup noodle is not bad but it is not my cup of tea. The fish slices are fresh and the soup broth is good.

As for the lamb cutlet that I ordered, I was sort of disappointed when it arrived. I was expecting the lamb to be thicker. The egg was also pre-cooked and was quite hard. It doesn't take much time to fry an egg right. I will skip this and try their other dishes the next time.

The spaghetti with chicken chop was I think the best overall. The portion is huge and tasty. The chicken was nicely deep-fried and juicy. Thumbs up for this dish. The chicken wings was not bad as well. But my kids did not like the taste. I think it is marinated with chinese bean curd and the sauce is spicy hot.

I would recommend that you check out this place when you are around the area.

No 1, Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur