Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Healthy Dessert Maker - Fruit Yoghurt/Ice Cream

Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, my dessert maker finally arrived at the doorstep of my office. I ordered it online for RM99 only. It is an exact replica of the Yonanas by Dole dessert maker which retails for RM298 and can be found at Cold Storage supermarkets.

Ever since we tried the dessert from the dessert maker during a demo promo at Cold Storage, my two boys pestered me to get a unit. The yoghurt produced by the machine from the frozen bananas were delicious and amazing how it could get the creamy texture close to ice-cream.

Since this would be once a blue moon dessert making activity with my kids, the RM298 original Yonanas seems too steep. I was happy that I came across a cheaper alternative and without much doubt, I placed the order for a unit.

At the side of the box, it displays a step-by-step picture diagram on how to operate the machine.

Why it's healthy? What more can I say. You only need to use 100% frozen fruits to press out nice creamy yoghurt without adding any other ingredients. Just plain healthy wholesome fruits.

Since I am in the office, I just opened up for a quick check to see what's in the box and to check everything is in order. The machine and plunger is wrapped in plastic and protected by cardboard protector. In the box is also the user guide that advises the parts to be wash with warm soap before use. I have to quickly keep the machine since I'm drawing unwanted attention from colleagues.

Upon arrival back home, you should have seen my boys' eyes. They were big and round when they saw me carrying it in. Immediately they gave a whooping cry of delight and rushed to the kitchen to get some fruits. I have to stop them and tell them that the fruits have got to be frozen overnight.

After dinner, I went out to get some bananas and end up visiting few places to get some fresh ones.

Here are the bananas peeled and packed waiting to be frozen. After popping them into the freezer I took out the dessert maker and took apart the parts to wash. It is a breeze to dismantle the parts. Just twist the funnel clock-wise and out comes the main compartment. Unscrew the bottom part and remove the blade.

Washed and left the parts to be air-dried before putting them back together again. 

The base of the machine where the main compartment of the funnel is attached to the motor. A twist to the right to remove the compartment.

At the side is the On-Off button. If I'm not wrong, the original Yonanas machine will have the Yonanas print at this side. After putting the parts together, I turned on the machine and it works fine.

I will be putting it to test tonight and prepare some good banana dessert. I will post the photos of us enjoying the delicious dessert tomorrow.

You can get this wonderful dessert maker and recipe from Amazon.

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