Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Create Yummylicious Healthy Low Fat Ice Cream

After freezing the bananas overnight with my new dessert maker, with much anticipation from the boys, I setup the dessert maker and start preparing to press out the healthy banana ice cream for them. They are shouting for me to hurry up.

Imagine this, I can now indulge myself in healthy low fat ice cream anytime (as long as I stock up on fruits and freeze it). The yummylicious ice cream can be made fresh at my own convenience and at a fraction of the price of what I need to pay for those over-priced frozen fruits yoghurt.

The best deal is that no mixing, whisking and etc is required. All you need to do is to freeze your fruits, power on, throw in the frozen fruits and with a little exercise, press out creamy ice cream (depending on the type of fruits).

After allowing the frozen bananas to thaw for a while, I popped the frozen bananas down the chute and turned on the machine. With the plunger, I pressed out nice creamy yummy banana ice cream. The best of all, it is healthy, dairy free, low fat and sugar free.

Since fresh fruits are used, you can assure that you are getting a dessert full of fiber and vitamins. This is a good alternative to ice cream especially for your children. My boys can now enjoy a variety of fruits in the most interesting form that parents usually forbids them to have too much.

A popular ingredient is the bananas for its rich, creamy texture. Bananas are also naturally sweet, so it’s good on its own or it makes a good base for your any other creative combinations you have in mind. Since I don't have any Oreo cookies around, I blend in some hard nougat sweets with the frozen bananas.

The outcome is healthy crunchy banana ice cream. Here are my boys giving the thumbs up as they indulge in the healthy ice cream. Next I will be trying out with other fruits. I am thinking strawberries, mangoes, kiwi and pineapple. For sorbet texture, I will try out with watermelon and oranges.

If you have a sweet tooth for fruity ice cream but worry about the calories, I highly recommend that you try out the Ice Cream Maker. You can check it out at Amazon.com by clicking here. This is a great and must have in your kitchen. My neighbours ordered a unit each after I served them the fat free ice cream when they came over.

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