Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Frustration with Dealmates - Need To Improve Customer Service

Nowadays, online shopping trend in Malaysia is gaining popularity as more consumers are more comfortable in purchasing goods and services that they have not touch and look before. We purely make our decision base on the product description and photos.

Apart from the product summary, we place our trust on the many deal-of-the-day online stores that are available nowadays. The few popular  ones are Groupon, Dealmates, Milkadeal, Living Social, myDeal and many more.

I have patronise the above and purchased a number of items without much hassle. So far, my products that I purchased was delivered according to its stipulated delivery time. This has further increase my confidence in online purchasing.

But recently, I have a very bad experience with Dealmates. I placed some orders a month back and till today I have not received my goods yet. I have sent numerous emails to Dealmate to follow up but till today as I'm writing my frustration here, they have not even replied a single of my email. Not even a simple email reply to apologise and follow up on the cause of the delay.

Coming from a service-oriented industry, I'm appalled  by their customer service and their arrogance (to me if you don't reply to your customers, I deem it as arrogance) in not attending to their customer's plight. If they have their customers at heart, they should be more attentive to what their customers have to say. This will be my last time purchasing from Dealmates since on comparison, their deals are not much cheaper than the rest.

My confidence was restored by Groupon. All this while, any emails to Groupon was attended immediately and I will get a response within half an hour with my problems resolved. This is what I call customer service and putting customers first.

This is purely my bad experience with Dealmates. Whatever frustration vented here may not be applicable to you as my expectation on customer service is high and I rather pay more for good customer service.


  1. Hi. I have had the same problem with Dealmates. You are so right, they don't even reply to you. Even after a few emails. Then they have the balls to tell me, since there is no activity on the case, their system will just auto-close the case.

    On a good day, when you manage write to them and they actually write back to you, they don't answer your question, which you will need to rephrase it to kindergarten level comprehension for them to understand. And if they do reply, they do it in a very condescending tone, as if I don't understand the T&C.

    I'm never buying from Dealmates again. You're right, Groupon has the best after sales service.

    1. Hi mellowed blues. I'm sorry that I'm not the only one that fall victim to their poor customer service. A simple reply and apology wouldn't hurt or take much of their time. As a business, they should know retaining customers are the hardest part which they should pay more attention to.

  2. Every company should really consider improving their customer service.

  3. Agreed. Customer service is the frontliner of all companies and to retain existing customer is crucial for every business. Australia should fare better in this category. Miss my studying days in Melbourne and Perth.

  4. True, im a new victim of dealmates also. Do not ever trust them anymore