Wednesday, 19 June 2013

JBL Micro Wireless Review

Small but powerful is what I can say for the JBLMicro Wireless Bluetooth speaker by Harman. It provides exceptional sound quality all wrapped up in a small portable dome-shape package. Read on to find out more about this small wonder.

Unboxing the JBL Micro Wireless
Included in the box are the JBL Micro Wireless, a small black carrying pouch, a micro-USB charging cord and instruction manual.

Flip it over on the back side; the 3.5mm cable is nicely wrapped around the circumference of the speaker and snaps into place. The Micro Wireless is prevented from slipping from the rubber grip that holds the speaker well on most surfaces. I placed it mainly on my car dashboard and it takes every sharp turn well. As mentioned earlier, his clearly shows the much thought and design put in by JBL.  

The Micro Wireless is small enough to be tossed into any bag but a bit big to be carried in your front pocket. It can still fit into your front pocket if you don’t mind the bulge. Since it is also quite light and built with a small handle at the top side, you can clip it to your bag.

Pairing the Micro Wireless with my HTC One X, iPad and Samsung Note II was quick and straightforward. The reception is good and responsive even from few feet away. Just press the start button for 3 seconds until the blinking blue light appears. Turn on your Bluetooth and search for device and click on JBL Micro Wireless. Instantly you can hear a beep once pairing is successful.

For those moments that you are caught without a Bluetooth device, have no fear. Just uncoil the 3.5mm cable and connect to your device.

Battery Life
Battery life is good. On a full charge, I’m able to get approximately 4.5 hours of listening time before it shuts off. For uninterrupted music listening, you can hook up a power-bank keeping it charged and good for hours more of fun-filled music.

Sound quality
I tested a variety of portable wireless speakers amongst the din of the crowd at an IT Fair held at Ikano Power Centre. None caught my attention except the Micro Wireless. I was drawn to the clear and well-balanced sound that it produces. The bass is excellent for a speaker this size and when its cranked up, you can filled up a room with sound.  

You can’t go wrong with the JBL Micro Wireless speaker. It provides excellent sound quality, portable, ergonomic design and good battery life. I am enjoying every moment of this speaker in my car and office.

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