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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is an interesting life-changing book. This book makes you stop and ponder about the value of your life and goals at a totally different perspective. Not only does it make us reflect our lives, the book as well provides us the finer tips on how to improve our daily habits to achieve our ultimate dreams. Read on for my full review.

This book has been lying around my house for a while and one fine day, the title of the book caught my attention. I picked up this book to browse through but ended up reading the whole book.

The book is about the fabled journey of a high-profile attorney; Julian Mantle, whom from the eyes of others, as successful and rich. Mantle’s life is occupied by a tight schedule and priorities that centers on power, money and prestige. His life was set as a successful attorney, big house, fast car and fine dining.

But all these changed when Mantle suffered a heart attack that nearly cost his life. He started to slow down and reflect back on his life and achievements. After selling off all his possessions, he headed over to India in search for the meaning of life.

Mantle returns a changed man after being enlightened by the mythical Gurus who shared with him the mystery and purpose of life. With all the wisdom he had learned from the Gurus, he embarked on a journey to share and transform other people lives. He first shares his new-found knowledge with his former associate.

The core concepts of the book are the Seven Virtues of Enlightened learning, which are revealed by Mantle gradually. The seven virtues are

- Master Your Mind
- Follow Your Purpose
- Practice Kaizen
- Live With Discipline
- Respect Your Time
- Selflessly Serve Others
- Embrace the Present

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