Monday, 30 September 2013

Enjoying Breakfast with Sebastian

Early morning, I woke Sebastian and asked if he wanted to have breakfast before going to school. He responded with a quick yes and sort of jumped off the bed. He made a dash to the bathroom where he got himself ready and changed into his school uniform.

He then asked me if we are going to Old Town for breakfast and I just laughed. Told him that we do not have the time and we are just going to the mamak shop nearby.

We ordered a roti telur each and I had a teh tarik as well. One of the best Malaysian breakfast to have. Since I was not working that day, it was quite an enjoyable and relaxing moment sipping my tea and spending time with Sebastian. I hardly get the chance to send him to school and every moment that I spend with my kids are treasure to me.

Hardly do I have this chance to sit down and relax during breakfast and watch the world goes by. Have some chit-chat sessions with Sebastian and some laughs over breakfast. It is all these priceless moments that makes you appreciate your life.

I dropped Sebastian off his school few minutes late ... :P Well, he is still in kindergarten and it is fine. Need to relax since there will be much time for him to rush in future.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Food - Kazo Sushi @ Viva Home, Cheras

If you ever drop by Viva Home, Cheras and  wondering what to eat. Well, try out the Japanese restaurant, Kazo Sushi located on the ground floor. Stepping into the restaurant, the waitress greeted us in Japanese and showed us to out table. Chose a corner, since Maximus is sleeping in his stroller. Sigh, kids just sleep at odd times.

The interior of the restaurant is very nice and cosy. You can choose to sit at their Japanese-styled table where you sit on the platform separated by see-through curtains, or the sushi-bar or next to the sushi belt. The sushi bar would be a great place if you are there to enjoy some food and sake.

Kazo Sushi offers a wide variety of Japanese food; appetisers,  salad, sushi, rice and noodles and lots more. We looked at their offerings of bento sets which looks quite interesting.

We ordered their Tokubetsu Bento (RM33) which has almost everything. The set includes:
  • Chuka Karage
  • Sashimi
  • Wakatori Teriyaki
  • Ebi Furai
  • Saba Shioyaki
  • Ocha
And another Tori Katsu Bento (RM18) that includes:
  • Hiyayakko
  • Tori Katsu
  • Fruits
Both Bento sets comes with chawan mushi, gohan and miso soup.

I ordered another California Maki (RM7) which comes in 6. Pardon the photo above that shows only 5. I was too hungry and gobbled down 1 piece before taking the picture.

Here's us enjoying our dinner. Sebastian started off with his chawan mushi before hitting his Tori Katsu and the Ebi Furai. Me and Sabrina shared the remaining since we are not hungry that day. But poor Maximus did not get to eat since he was tired after a long day out. We later packed some other food for his dinner.

Kazo Sushi
Viva Home
Lot No G-03, G-03A, Ground Floor
85 Jalan Loke Yew
55200, KL


Monday, 23 September 2013

Food - Alor Corner Nasi Lemak

One of our favourite all-time breakfast is the Nasi Lemak at Jalan Alor. Its at the corner of Jalan Alor, thus the name Alor Corner Nasi Lemak.
In the morning if we are early and have the cravings for nasi lemak, we will drop by the Alor Corner Nasi Lemak. It is just a stall setup at the corner with no tables and chairs. We can only 'bungkus' away.

Jalan Alor is famous for its variety of food available. Early morning you will find lots of early birds sipping on their coffee and tea while having their breakfast.
Back to Alor Corner Nasi Lemak. The stall is very popular and it is usually packed with customers. As you can see from the photo, the queue is already quite long by the time I arrived.

They have a wide variety of dishes for you add on to your Nasi Lemak. They have fried chicken, curry chicken, beef rendang, kerang, cili sotong, and lots more. Apart from that they sell lontong and kuih-kuih.
As usual, I add on beef rendang and my wife decided to have sayur lontong that day. Usually she will pick the cili sotong.
The nasi lemak with beef rendang (RM 5) is delicious. The beef is not tough but I find the quality has dropped slightly. For the nasi lemak with lontong (RM 3), I can't comment since I didn't try it before but from the photo that my wife sent to me it looks delicious as well.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Table Talk Restaurant @ TTDI, KL

Table Talk (TT) is located at a corner shop of Jalan Datuk Sulaiman at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL. TT is a cosy restaurant that serves great food and since we visited TT for dinner, there was plenty of available parking bays unlike in the afternoon.

TT is a quaint restaurant which is not too spacious but yet comfortable to enjoy your food. There's an outdoor seating area which consists of limited seats and their indoor seating is separated into inner and outer area. The place was quiet when we arrived but guests started to trickle in slowly and by 8 plus, it is quite pack.

The menu was produced to us and they have quite a wide selection. What is most interesting is their breakfast which is what they are famous for. But too bad, they do not serve all-day breakfast here. Sebastian wanted one of their breakfast baked cheese and egg which looks quite delicious on the menu. So , he had to settle for other things.

Above are some of the drinks that we ordered. I tried the Affrogato coffee which I must say is heavenly. It is espresso coffee with Vanilla ice-cream. A must try for coffee lovers.

Above are some of the food that we ordered. I wasn't able to capture all the food since we were there in a large family group and it is kinda hard to stop people from eating and let me capture photos of the food. Moreover, there are 5 kids to be taken care of .

Let's see if I can remember all the names of the dishes we ordered. I ordered the Wagyu Beef patty which was delicious and tantalizing. Sebastian had half of my beef patty. There were also spaghetti carbonara, smoked salmon salad, crispy duck wrap, baked seafood rice, chicken wings with sausage inside, monterey chicken, mushroom soup and few more that I can't recall. I can't exactly remember the exact names of the dishes as well.

After our delicious meal, the kids started to get restless and ran around. It was hard to get them to be still to capture their photos. We managed to grab a few of them with grandma and grandpa.

Overall, TT is a very nice place to have a nice enjoyable meal. Their servers are very attentive and friendly. Nice, cosy restaurant setting with good food. I have no complaints about this restaurant and I highly recommend this place.

No. 4, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

03 7733 7718

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Seb and Max Trip to Petaling Street, Chinatown

This was the kid's first trip to Chinatown, Petaling Street. They were intrigued by all the stalls and olden-days shops aplenty there. It was not a planned trip since, seriously, working around that area for years, I have not step foot there for quite some time.

Sabrina's department was having their department CSR at Laman, Menara Maybank. So we decided to bring the kids along since it will only be a few hours. They enjoyed their time joining mummy in her CSR work having some treasure hunt with the children from homes.

I wonder if Seb and Max thinks that mummy's work is to play in the office. Hahahaha ...

As they starts to get restless, I brought them to McDonalds which is quite near Chinatown. Bought them their Happy Meal with the Smurfs toys while waiting for mummy to finish up her CSR work. When mummy finally joined us, we walked over to Chinatown to let the kids experience the bustling atmosphere there.

They were so amused by all the shops especially the novelty shops that sells lanterns and toys. They were drawn towards those shops like bees to honey.

Passed by some food stalls selling their wares such as chestnuts, curry-puffs, chinese pastries and lots more. Since they are already full from their Happy Meal, they did not want anything to eat. Plus it is very hot.

Apart from food, there are lots of "branded" goods being sold there. You can practically find most popular brands being sold there.

There was a old toy store that was somewhat interesting. On display at the front of their shop are a collection of old antique toy cars that are still in good condition.

After walking around for a while more, we went back to Menara Maybank where our car is parked and head back home. It may not be something to shout about but still it is their first trip to Chinatown and eye-opener for them.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Let's celebrate - Mid Autumn Festival

Here we are again celebrating the actual Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake festival under the bright full moon. Sabrina bought each kids extra lanterns. Animated lanterns with blinking lights inside. It is more child-friendly for them to carry around since those candle lanterns gets blown out all the time. LOL ... easier for us as well that we do not have to constantly change the candles and light the candles when it gets blown out.

Sebastian and Maximus gets Naruto lanterns, Charmaine a Strawberry Shortcake lantern, Hasdev a Ben 10 and Noah gets the Ultraman lantern. They were so happy with it.

While the kids are busy playing, Sebastian helped out in serving the food. He brought out all the food from the kitchen to the table. Let's see what we have. There are peanuts, fruit jelly mooncakes, jellies, lotus paste mooncakes, durian mochi and a little piggy mooncake. In the kitchen, my aunty is preparing some other dessert as well. Sweet sugary feast.

The kids just can't wait to pig out and started to voice out ... "Why keep on taking pictures? Take pictures all the time". Hahahaha ... well, isn't it the culture now that our cameras get to 'eat' before us.

When we finally gave them the green light, they attacked the jellies and it was the first to disappear from the table. Granny wanting to join in the fun, asked us to bring her out as she sat down seeing the kids enjoying themselves. Do not let her frail look deceive you, she is still sharp in her mind and will snap back at you when least expected.

After the hearty sweet treats, we once again went out to the streets with the kids to parade around with their newly bought lanterns. They walked up and down the street making the most noise. At times I really wonder where they get all their energy.

More photo taking when we got back from parading around. We continue to attack the remaining food and the kids started running around and riding their scooters and bicycles. As always, I will be the party popper and usher the kids into the house to rest and shower since it is already late and they have school tomorrow.

It was a wonderful night and everyone enjoyed themselves. Happy Mid Autumn to everyone. May we have a blessed and wonderful year ahead.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Arrived home last night and the kids were already out having fun celebrating pre-Mid Autumn Festival. My parents set up tables and chairs for them to have their dinner basking under the moonlight. I wonder if they really had much to eat or not since I can hear them screaming and running around chasing each other.

They even set up a row of chairs to race. As they charged down the 'track' yelling God knows what, my sister was at the end waiting to catch them as they jumped up into her arms. But she was almost 'bulldozed' by Sebastian and Charmaine,

Names (from left): Noah, Charmaine, Maximus, Hasdev & Sebastian

After the much yelling and running, my wife started to light up the lanterns for the kids. As per the customary of the mid-autumn festival, the kids will hold up their lanterns and walk around the neighbourhood. We brought them out and we walk up and down the street with lanterns.

Somehow, I get the feeling of a shepherd herding his flock of sheep as we circle round them keeping them in line. At that moment, I think the whole street neighbours could hear the children shouting and laughing. What fun it is to be young. Carefree and filled with laughter.

Today is the actual of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we will having another round of lantern playing while enjoying mooncakes and sipping tea. Happy Mid-Autumn to all.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Burst Water Pipe along Jalan Cheras

What a way to start the morning. Upon leaving the house and exit to the main road, we were greeted by bumper-to-bumper cars backed up all the way. Immediately my mood dropped knowing that Sabrina and I will be late for work and Sebastian will be late for his school.

Before going to work, we need to dropped off the kids at my parent's house where Maximus will continue his dreamland sleep and my father will drop off Sebastian at his pre-school. That is our daily morning routine which at times could be quite stressful during unexpected traffic jams.

After dropping the kids, I re-joined back the rest of the highly-stressed out drivers on the road. We can see everyone is getting impatient since we know we will be late. At that point of time, the thought of taking a half-day leave from work starts to creep into my mind.

Turned on the radio to catch the latest traffic updates. What is wrong with today? There are few accidents at some major roads and a burst water pipe at Jalan Cheras and road closure at Dataran Merdeka for the 80th anniversary of Armed Forces day. Sighhhh ... well, all I can do now is just to sit back and relax since I can not do anything about this cursed day.

Switched to my favourite radio station and enjoy the music as I cruise along slowly till I arrive at the scene of destruction. The burst water pipe left a gaping hole in the middle of Jalan Cheras right in front of the Cheras Badminton Stadium. Repair work has already started and I hope that tomorrow, the traffic will be back to normal.

I Believe, I Believe in the Tooth Fairy

Early morning, still dazed and sleepy, Sebastian reached underneath his pillow and retrieved his lost baby tooth together with a five dollar note that the 'tooth fairy' left for him. He was happy that the tooth fairy rewarded him a five dollar note for his bravery.

He did asked previously why the tooth fairy did not take his tooth. I told him that the fairies collected too many baby teeth and they ran out of space to keep. So they allow him to keep each of his baby tooth.

I still remember the first time that he took out the dollar from his first tooth. He was so surprised and happy that he took hold of the dollar and kissed it. Isn't it good to be young and naive again. Initially he was sceptical and said that the money was left there by me. But after watching the Tooth Fairy movie starred by Dwayne Johnson, his belief in the tooth fairy was restored.

I wonder at times if it is a good idea to cloud his mind with fantasies. But after much thought, I feel that it is good for children to believe in fantasies and allow their mind to be creative. They will be facing lots of harsh realities of this modern society when they grow up. So, it is good for them to enjoy and have a wonderful childhood.

The most funny incident was, Maximus was sort of jealous that Sebastian lost a tooth again. He came up to us and said, "So good ... now 'koh koh' (big brother in Cantonese) will have more money". Kids really say the darnest thing and I wouldn't want to miss all these moments. I told Maximus that he will have his time when he starts losing his baby teeth and the tooth fairy will reward him as well.

What a day - Only get to spend little time with family

It's almost midnight and I just got home not long. After a long weekend break, going back to work is the hardest. Somehow I felt extremely tired today and I wish that I could just pop down on my workstation and snore away.

Maybe it's because I had a fulfilling three days with my family. I was chasing after and playing with the kids one moment. And the next moment I will be screaming my heads off them. Being at home with my two boys is never ever a dull moment.

Most of the time spent is in the office and away from the kids. I think at times I see my colleagues more than I see my family. Which is why I treasure every moment I can with them. Since time is not on my side, I could only count on quality time.

I was disappointed that I was not able to spend as much time with the kids today as I was hoping to. My planned to leave early was dashed when my boss asked me to stand in a conference call with Singapore after office hours. I was stuck in the office until 8 pm.

And by the time I arrived at my parents place where my kids are being cared for, it was already 9 pm. I only had like an hour to eat and play with them before rushing home. My boys, niece and nephews wanted to play lanterns and I joined them after rushing through my dinner.

It may not be much but I hope that I was able to spend some quality time with them. On the way home , Sebastian fell asleep and Maximus followed suit when we arrived home. Tucking them to bed and after a refreshing shower, I have just a little time to ponder about my day. 

Tomorrow I will try to be early as possible. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sebastian's first experience on his Flashing Rollers

Sebastian was bitten by the skating bug and was hinting to us that he wants to have a pair of skates. Initially we were thinking of getting him a pair of Heelys but after much consideration, I thought that it would be better to get him a cheaper alternative to start him off. Well, I am not sure whether he will enjoy skating for long or even knows how to skate.

So of we went to Toys r' Us to get him a pair of Hot Wheels Flashing Rollers. Previously I had intention to get him the Flashing Rollers but he was still too young for it and his shoes was just too small at that time. Once we entered Toys r' Us, he immediately rushed to the skates and bicycle section and grab hold of the Flashing Rollers. Too bad they only comes in orange colour. It would be great if they have more colour choices.

Next we grabbed a set of protective gears which I feel that is a must for beginners skaters. I would not want him to hurt himself or bump his head against the floor. As always, prevention is better than cure.

Sebastian could not wait to try out his new pair of skates and pestered me to put it on once payment has crossed hands. With the help of Toys r' Us personnel, we adjusted the pair of skates and fit it onto his shoes. He was wobbly when he first stood up on his pair of Flashing Rollers and he did not know what to do. Well, this is his first time on skates and I don't expect wonders.

He was all smiles as he held onto my hand as I guided him as he tried to skate along the crowded mall. He did fall a few times but no serious injury except for his bottom. We went to a less crowded area of the mall to let him have his fun and to avoid accidents since he's still wobbly on his new skates and fell down a few times.

Once we arrived back home, he changed into more comfortable clothings and asked to have a go at his skates again. This time he dons himself with the protective gears, helmets and all. Looks like a pro-skater getting ready to dazzle us with his moves. He played around with his skates until the dead of night and he retired to bed all satisfied.

He's getting better now and starts to gain confidence in his skates. I wonder when he will start to glide around and manoeuvre his way around.

When does your child start losing their baby teeth?

Sebastian lost his fourth baby tooth (right lateral incisor) last night. It was quite a scare since it came off while he was asleep and mummy practically freaked out because she was afraid that Sebastian will swallow his tooth. We had to wake him up and you know how hard it is to wake a child that just dozed off. He was struggling all the while we tried to prop him forward in fear that he will swallow his tooth. What prompted us to check on his tooth?

Let us go back to evening. Sebastian was playing with his already loosed tooth (right lateral incisor) but he refused to let me "help" him to remove it. Me and wife have no other choice but to ask him to play and twist his tooth until it falls off on its own. Sebastian told me that he can feel slight pain and there was some blood. So I gave him some ice in hope that it will numb his gums and he will pull out his tooth with a little force.

But then it was already quite late and he fell asleep on the sofa. When we tried to move him, that was the moment that we saw blood in his mouth and the tooth is not at its place. This is the moment when mummy started to panic and tried to wake him up.

The funny things is that, he is one of the first to lose his baby teeth amongst his friends of the same age group and we gets comment that Sebastian lose his baby teeth at quite an early stage. Moreover, this is his fourth baby tooth that he is losing.

Sebastian first lost his right bottom central incisor at around the age of 4 years. We had to bring him to the dentist since his permanent tooth is already protruding from his gums. That was his first ever tooth extraction and it was not a very good experience for him. The dentist only applied some cooling substance and pulled out the loose tooth by hand. We can hear the tooth break and he was all tears in pain. He was a brave boy as he held back his tears and a promise of ice-cream comforted him.

His left bottom central incisor tooth was also loose at that time but since the permanent tooth is still not visible, we decided that it is enough for a day and we will just wait and see. If memory still persists, his second tooth came off around a week or two later. And it came off when he was dancing the Gangnam Style ... LOL.

Sebastian lost his third tooth, left lateral incisor, two months back. We had to bring him to the dentist again since his tooth is not loose enough to fall off on its own and his permanent tooth has already grown out. Back to the same dental clinic but this time it was a different dentist. With memories to his first visit, he refused to enter and I had to hug him tight on the dentist chair since he was struggling. I have to give credit to this dentist. She was fast and she sprayed something to numb his gums. With a swift action, she pulled out the loose tooth with some dental equipment.

Moral of the story is to find a good experience dentist for your child's first dental visit. Apart from that, do not delay in tooth extraction once the permanent tooth is visible. Sebastian was too late in extracting his third tooth and his permanent tooth as informed by the dentist will be crooked. Well, no choice and he has to wear a braces next time.

So when does children starts losing their baby teeth. According to the diagram above, children starts to lose their baby teeth at the age of 6. So, Sebastian is indeed losing his baby teeth earlier. Baby teeth usually fall out in the order in which they grow out. First the two bottom front teeth (lower central incisors), followed by the two top front teeth (upper central incisors), the lateral incisors, first molars, canines and second molars.

Now that Sebastian has lost some of his baby teeth, we starts to instil the importance of dental care into him. Examples of dental care for your child:
  • Remind your child to brush his or her teeth at least twice a day. 
  • Help your child floss his or her teeth at bedtime.
  • Limit eating and drinking between meals and at bedtime — especially sugary treats and drinks, such as candy and soda.
  • Schedule regular dental visits for your child, either with your family dentist or a paediatric dentist.
  • Ask the dentist about use of fluoride treatments and dental sealants to help prevent tooth decay.
With proper care, our child's permanent teeth last a lifetime.

(Source: Mayoclinic)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Food - Japanese Casual Restaurant WATAMI @ 1 UTAMA

Many a times me and my wife passed by Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at One Utama and we would be intrigued by it and vow to try it one day. The one day came when we were walking aimlessly deciding what to eat and by fate, we passed by Watami. Without hesitation, we walked in to the cosy restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and cosy. Since it was on a weekday and past lunch hour, there was not much crowd with only a few patrons. The interior is Japanese-theme with lots of wooden panels.

Me and my wife opted to try out their lunch menu. They have quite a variety of choices from the standard set up to Western set. All the food looks delicious and I am lost in which to choose.

At the back is their dessert and beverages menu. Luckily we did not order their dessert as we were simply too full after our main meal.

The lunch set comes with green tea (hot/cold). We opted for green tea since we felt like having something warm.

Apart from the lunch set, they have another value set for 2 person. You get to choose 1 dish each from A to D and two desserts. There are special discounted add-ons that comes with the set for two.

I decided to order the Chicken Katsu and my wife ordered the Sukiyaki. By flashing the PINCH of salt loyalty card, we get to have a complimentary sushi. Besides that, we will get a 10% rebate credited into the card that can be used for our next visit in any participating outlets.

The Sukiyaki arrived  and as the food is being laid down, the server will introduce the dishes. I find it quite amusing because he sounded like a robot reciting a script and the best of all, I was not able to catch a single word he mumbled. Hahahaha ... maybe something is wrong with my ear.

Look at the deep-red colour of the thin-sliced beef. Yummy. My mouth is already watering looking at the generous stack of beef.

Apart from the generous amount of beef, they also provide lots of mushrooms, tofus and vegetables. The portion is quite huge and for small eaters, both can share a portion. The Sukiyaki is also kept hot with a portable gas stove which is so much better than others that uses gel-like burning substance. At least, the food is kept piping hot.

After much anticipation, my Chicken Katsu arrived with Miso soup at the side. Delicious.

I was expecting my Chicken Katsu to be served on top of rice in a bowl as per other Katsu I tried. I was quite surprise that my Katsu came in a hot plate. The fried chicken is tasty and juicy surrounded by egg with onions. This is one of the best Chicken Katsu that I ever had.

The food at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurantis great. We had a satisfying and filling lunch and the best of all, we get a 10% rebate off the total bill.

To sum it up, great food, great ambience and most important great service. I will rate Watami a 4 out 5 and a definite return to try out other food.

They are located at the 1st floor, One Utama (new wing).

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Periodic Check On Your Home Electrical Water Heater

Recently a Japanese couple tragically died when they were electrocuted in their apartment in Mont Kiara. The husband's body was found naked while the wife's body was fully clothed. Initial investigation suspects that the wife rushed in to her husband's aid only to suffer the same fate. Their bodies was discovered by their part-time maid whom alerted the authorities. They are left behind by their 6-month-old infant who will be handed over to their relatives. 

More of the news here.

This is not the first incident that we come across news of death caused by electrocution due to faulty electrical water heater. All home owners should be aware of the danger when using any electrical appliances. Below is some safety tips for all home owners that I got it from TheStar Online.

Safety tips for electrical water heaters
  1. We should always ensure that we buy from reputable brands and not be sway in by cheaper alternatives. Remember, it is the safety of yourself and your family that matters the most. 
  2. Do not spray water directly onto the heater casing. This is pure common sense that any electrical appliances will short circuit when in contact with water. Occasional splashes during shower should not be a problem. 
  3. Ensure that the heater has built-in ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker). This is important since any leakages will be detected and electricity will be cut-off. It will better if you get your electrician to install a separate ELCB as well. Nothing is too much when it comes to safety.
  4. Make sure that your ELCB is functioning. We should always test our ELCB to ensure that it is functioning well. 
  5. Ensure your home ELCB is functioning well. We should regularly test our ELCB by pressing the test button in our main fuse box. Consult an electrician if you are not aware on how to do it.
  6. Lastly, don't be a superhero and try to save. If you do not have the know how, please neither install a water heater on your own nor try to fix a faulty heater. Get a certified electrician.
We should always keep our home in tip-top condition by keeping it safe and comfortable for our family. A home is where you spend most of your time in and it is our safe-place. Especially homes with children, we must ensure that all possible dangers are eliminated.

Be safe and enjoy life. Share your home safety tips. What did you do to ensure that your home is safe for your family? 

Return of the Zeppelin - New Revolution to Air Travel

This Aeroscraft is predicted that it will change the way that goods are moved around the world by providing a mode of transport which is cheaper than planes but faster than ships.

It requires only a third as much fuel as an aeroplane carrying cargo, and it can take off and land anywhere even without a formal airstrip - including on water - making it well suited to war zones and disaster areas.

The key technological breakthrough came when the firm's founder Igor Pasternak came up with a way to compress helium, which allows the airship to control its weight. The Aeroscraft can take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, so it can visit destinations which do not have an airport.

This means that even though its 115mph average speed is much slower than a jet aeroplane at 500mph-plus, the overall travel time could be lower because it can travel directly from where goods are produced to where they are needed.

Worldwide Aeros hope that this will make it useful to the military and aid charities operating in parts of the world with poorly developed infrastructure on the ground.

It may seem flimsy compared to a metal jet, but the Aeroscraft has bulletproof skin, and even if its exterior is breached it does not deflate like a balloon.

The firm claims that its first airships will be available to customers in mid-2015, when they will be rented out for a year at a time.

(Source: DailyMail)