Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Burst Water Pipe along Jalan Cheras

What a way to start the morning. Upon leaving the house and exit to the main road, we were greeted by bumper-to-bumper cars backed up all the way. Immediately my mood dropped knowing that Sabrina and I will be late for work and Sebastian will be late for his school.

Before going to work, we need to dropped off the kids at my parent's house where Maximus will continue his dreamland sleep and my father will drop off Sebastian at his pre-school. That is our daily morning routine which at times could be quite stressful during unexpected traffic jams.

After dropping the kids, I re-joined back the rest of the highly-stressed out drivers on the road. We can see everyone is getting impatient since we know we will be late. At that point of time, the thought of taking a half-day leave from work starts to creep into my mind.

Turned on the radio to catch the latest traffic updates. What is wrong with today? There are few accidents at some major roads and a burst water pipe at Jalan Cheras and road closure at Dataran Merdeka for the 80th anniversary of Armed Forces day. Sighhhh ... well, all I can do now is just to sit back and relax since I can not do anything about this cursed day.

Switched to my favourite radio station and enjoy the music as I cruise along slowly till I arrive at the scene of destruction. The burst water pipe left a gaping hole in the middle of Jalan Cheras right in front of the Cheras Badminton Stadium. Repair work has already started and I hope that tomorrow, the traffic will be back to normal.

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