Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I Believe, I Believe in the Tooth Fairy

Early morning, still dazed and sleepy, Sebastian reached underneath his pillow and retrieved his lost baby tooth together with a five dollar note that the 'tooth fairy' left for him. He was happy that the tooth fairy rewarded him a five dollar note for his bravery.

He did asked previously why the tooth fairy did not take his tooth. I told him that the fairies collected too many baby teeth and they ran out of space to keep. So they allow him to keep each of his baby tooth.

I still remember the first time that he took out the dollar from his first tooth. He was so surprised and happy that he took hold of the dollar and kissed it. Isn't it good to be young and naive again. Initially he was sceptical and said that the money was left there by me. But after watching the Tooth Fairy movie starred by Dwayne Johnson, his belief in the tooth fairy was restored.

I wonder at times if it is a good idea to cloud his mind with fantasies. But after much thought, I feel that it is good for children to believe in fantasies and allow their mind to be creative. They will be facing lots of harsh realities of this modern society when they grow up. So, it is good for them to enjoy and have a wonderful childhood.

The most funny incident was, Maximus was sort of jealous that Sebastian lost a tooth again. He came up to us and said, "So good ... now 'koh koh' (big brother in Cantonese) will have more money". Kids really say the darnest thing and I wouldn't want to miss all these moments. I told Maximus that he will have his time when he starts losing his baby teeth and the tooth fairy will reward him as well.

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