Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Arrived home last night and the kids were already out having fun celebrating pre-Mid Autumn Festival. My parents set up tables and chairs for them to have their dinner basking under the moonlight. I wonder if they really had much to eat or not since I can hear them screaming and running around chasing each other.

They even set up a row of chairs to race. As they charged down the 'track' yelling God knows what, my sister was at the end waiting to catch them as they jumped up into her arms. But she was almost 'bulldozed' by Sebastian and Charmaine,

Names (from left): Noah, Charmaine, Maximus, Hasdev & Sebastian

After the much yelling and running, my wife started to light up the lanterns for the kids. As per the customary of the mid-autumn festival, the kids will hold up their lanterns and walk around the neighbourhood. We brought them out and we walk up and down the street with lanterns.

Somehow, I get the feeling of a shepherd herding his flock of sheep as we circle round them keeping them in line. At that moment, I think the whole street neighbours could hear the children shouting and laughing. What fun it is to be young. Carefree and filled with laughter.

Today is the actual of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we will having another round of lantern playing while enjoying mooncakes and sipping tea. Happy Mid-Autumn to all.

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