Friday, 20 September 2013

Let's celebrate - Mid Autumn Festival

Here we are again celebrating the actual Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake festival under the bright full moon. Sabrina bought each kids extra lanterns. Animated lanterns with blinking lights inside. It is more child-friendly for them to carry around since those candle lanterns gets blown out all the time. LOL ... easier for us as well that we do not have to constantly change the candles and light the candles when it gets blown out.

Sebastian and Maximus gets Naruto lanterns, Charmaine a Strawberry Shortcake lantern, Hasdev a Ben 10 and Noah gets the Ultraman lantern. They were so happy with it.

While the kids are busy playing, Sebastian helped out in serving the food. He brought out all the food from the kitchen to the table. Let's see what we have. There are peanuts, fruit jelly mooncakes, jellies, lotus paste mooncakes, durian mochi and a little piggy mooncake. In the kitchen, my aunty is preparing some other dessert as well. Sweet sugary feast.

The kids just can't wait to pig out and started to voice out ... "Why keep on taking pictures? Take pictures all the time". Hahahaha ... well, isn't it the culture now that our cameras get to 'eat' before us.

When we finally gave them the green light, they attacked the jellies and it was the first to disappear from the table. Granny wanting to join in the fun, asked us to bring her out as she sat down seeing the kids enjoying themselves. Do not let her frail look deceive you, she is still sharp in her mind and will snap back at you when least expected.

After the hearty sweet treats, we once again went out to the streets with the kids to parade around with their newly bought lanterns. They walked up and down the street making the most noise. At times I really wonder where they get all their energy.

More photo taking when we got back from parading around. We continue to attack the remaining food and the kids started running around and riding their scooters and bicycles. As always, I will be the party popper and usher the kids into the house to rest and shower since it is already late and they have school tomorrow.

It was a wonderful night and everyone enjoyed themselves. Happy Mid Autumn to everyone. May we have a blessed and wonderful year ahead.

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