Saturday, 21 September 2013

Seb and Max Trip to Petaling Street, Chinatown

This was the kid's first trip to Chinatown, Petaling Street. They were intrigued by all the stalls and olden-days shops aplenty there. It was not a planned trip since, seriously, working around that area for years, I have not step foot there for quite some time.

Sabrina's department was having their department CSR at Laman, Menara Maybank. So we decided to bring the kids along since it will only be a few hours. They enjoyed their time joining mummy in her CSR work having some treasure hunt with the children from homes.

I wonder if Seb and Max thinks that mummy's work is to play in the office. Hahahaha ...

As they starts to get restless, I brought them to McDonalds which is quite near Chinatown. Bought them their Happy Meal with the Smurfs toys while waiting for mummy to finish up her CSR work. When mummy finally joined us, we walked over to Chinatown to let the kids experience the bustling atmosphere there.

They were so amused by all the shops especially the novelty shops that sells lanterns and toys. They were drawn towards those shops like bees to honey.

Passed by some food stalls selling their wares such as chestnuts, curry-puffs, chinese pastries and lots more. Since they are already full from their Happy Meal, they did not want anything to eat. Plus it is very hot.

Apart from food, there are lots of "branded" goods being sold there. You can practically find most popular brands being sold there.

There was a old toy store that was somewhat interesting. On display at the front of their shop are a collection of old antique toy cars that are still in good condition.

After walking around for a while more, we went back to Menara Maybank where our car is parked and head back home. It may not be something to shout about but still it is their first trip to Chinatown and eye-opener for them.

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