Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sebastian's first experience on his Flashing Rollers

Sebastian was bitten by the skating bug and was hinting to us that he wants to have a pair of skates. Initially we were thinking of getting him a pair of Heelys but after much consideration, I thought that it would be better to get him a cheaper alternative to start him off. Well, I am not sure whether he will enjoy skating for long or even knows how to skate.

So of we went to Toys r' Us to get him a pair of Hot Wheels Flashing Rollers. Previously I had intention to get him the Flashing Rollers but he was still too young for it and his shoes was just too small at that time. Once we entered Toys r' Us, he immediately rushed to the skates and bicycle section and grab hold of the Flashing Rollers. Too bad they only comes in orange colour. It would be great if they have more colour choices.

Next we grabbed a set of protective gears which I feel that is a must for beginners skaters. I would not want him to hurt himself or bump his head against the floor. As always, prevention is better than cure.

Sebastian could not wait to try out his new pair of skates and pestered me to put it on once payment has crossed hands. With the help of Toys r' Us personnel, we adjusted the pair of skates and fit it onto his shoes. He was wobbly when he first stood up on his pair of Flashing Rollers and he did not know what to do. Well, this is his first time on skates and I don't expect wonders.

He was all smiles as he held onto my hand as I guided him as he tried to skate along the crowded mall. He did fall a few times but no serious injury except for his bottom. We went to a less crowded area of the mall to let him have his fun and to avoid accidents since he's still wobbly on his new skates and fell down a few times.

Once we arrived back home, he changed into more comfortable clothings and asked to have a go at his skates again. This time he dons himself with the protective gears, helmets and all. Looks like a pro-skater getting ready to dazzle us with his moves. He played around with his skates until the dead of night and he retired to bed all satisfied.

He's getting better now and starts to gain confidence in his skates. I wonder when he will start to glide around and manoeuvre his way around.

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