Monday, 30 September 2013

Enjoying Breakfast with Sebastian

Early morning, I woke Sebastian and asked if he wanted to have breakfast before going to school. He responded with a quick yes and sort of jumped off the bed. He made a dash to the bathroom where he got himself ready and changed into his school uniform.

He then asked me if we are going to Old Town for breakfast and I just laughed. Told him that we do not have the time and we are just going to the mamak shop nearby.

We ordered a roti telur each and I had a teh tarik as well. One of the best Malaysian breakfast to have. Since I was not working that day, it was quite an enjoyable and relaxing moment sipping my tea and spending time with Sebastian. I hardly get the chance to send him to school and every moment that I spend with my kids are treasure to me.

Hardly do I have this chance to sit down and relax during breakfast and watch the world goes by. Have some chit-chat sessions with Sebastian and some laughs over breakfast. It is all these priceless moments that makes you appreciate your life.

I dropped Sebastian off his school few minutes late ... :P Well, he is still in kindergarten and it is fine. Need to relax since there will be much time for him to rush in future.

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