Thursday, 12 September 2013

Food - Japanese Casual Restaurant WATAMI @ 1 UTAMA

Many a times me and my wife passed by Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at One Utama and we would be intrigued by it and vow to try it one day. The one day came when we were walking aimlessly deciding what to eat and by fate, we passed by Watami. Without hesitation, we walked in to the cosy restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and cosy. Since it was on a weekday and past lunch hour, there was not much crowd with only a few patrons. The interior is Japanese-theme with lots of wooden panels.

Me and my wife opted to try out their lunch menu. They have quite a variety of choices from the standard set up to Western set. All the food looks delicious and I am lost in which to choose.

At the back is their dessert and beverages menu. Luckily we did not order their dessert as we were simply too full after our main meal.

The lunch set comes with green tea (hot/cold). We opted for green tea since we felt like having something warm.

Apart from the lunch set, they have another value set for 2 person. You get to choose 1 dish each from A to D and two desserts. There are special discounted add-ons that comes with the set for two.

I decided to order the Chicken Katsu and my wife ordered the Sukiyaki. By flashing the PINCH of salt loyalty card, we get to have a complimentary sushi. Besides that, we will get a 10% rebate credited into the card that can be used for our next visit in any participating outlets.

The Sukiyaki arrived  and as the food is being laid down, the server will introduce the dishes. I find it quite amusing because he sounded like a robot reciting a script and the best of all, I was not able to catch a single word he mumbled. Hahahaha ... maybe something is wrong with my ear.

Look at the deep-red colour of the thin-sliced beef. Yummy. My mouth is already watering looking at the generous stack of beef.

Apart from the generous amount of beef, they also provide lots of mushrooms, tofus and vegetables. The portion is quite huge and for small eaters, both can share a portion. The Sukiyaki is also kept hot with a portable gas stove which is so much better than others that uses gel-like burning substance. At least, the food is kept piping hot.

After much anticipation, my Chicken Katsu arrived with Miso soup at the side. Delicious.

I was expecting my Chicken Katsu to be served on top of rice in a bowl as per other Katsu I tried. I was quite surprise that my Katsu came in a hot plate. The fried chicken is tasty and juicy surrounded by egg with onions. This is one of the best Chicken Katsu that I ever had.

The food at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurantis great. We had a satisfying and filling lunch and the best of all, we get a 10% rebate off the total bill.

To sum it up, great food, great ambience and most important great service. I will rate Watami a 4 out 5 and a definite return to try out other food.

They are located at the 1st floor, One Utama (new wing).

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