Friday, 2 August 2013

Review of Vido MiniOne IPS Android 7.85" Tablet

Yuandao has released their latest Android quad-core mini tablet, Vido MiniOne. It is an impressive looking mini tablet boasting a 7.85 inch screen with definition of 1024*768 pixel running on IPS display technology.


I had the opportunity to play around with this mini wonder and I'm quite impress with the Vido MiniOne. Initially I was sceptical on it since there are just too many China clones out there. First look at it and my first thought was it resembles the iPad Mini. The MiniOne build quality is good and not flimsy or plasticky as I was expecting it to be. The front is pure-white sleek design frame with a 2mp front facing camera.

The back of the MiniOne is of a aluminium-magnesium alloy with matte finish.

At the top of the MiniOne, you will find a row of the expansion ports.

Sitting on both side of the expansion ports are the power button and volume rocker. The back camera is a 5mp camera and the tiny hole below the camera is to reset the device.

At the bottom, the MiniOne is bundled with dual-speakers that produces quite an impressive sound.

The MiniOne is ultra thin at 5.9mm only. The photo above shows the comparison with my HTC Wildfire.

The MiniOne folio-casing is made of felt-like material and you just slip in the mini tab for easy carry.

The Vido logo is embossed on the casing.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an inexpensive mini tablet, the Vido MiniOne would be a good choice. The MiniOne has all the features bundled in such as IPS HD display, HDMI output, dual cameras, quad-core and etc. I do not know the exact price of this MiniOne but it should be priced around RM500 and below. Anything higher, most will rather pay the extra to get their hands on the iPad Mini.

I would gladly get one as an extra tablet to carry around for surfing and reading purposes.

I do not receive any monetary benefit from this review. This review is purely base on my observation of my friend's unit.

Product Specification

Color :white
Body material:Aluminum-magnesium alloy No screws integration system design

Net weight: 300g
Display Screen:7.85 IPS 178-degree wide viewing angle
Resolution:1024*768 pixels
Webcam:Front 3MP,Back 5MP
CPU:Rockchip RK3188 28nm A9 Quad core
CPU Frequency:Peak up to 4*1.8G Maximally
GPU:Quad core ARM(Mail-400MP4)
GPU Frequency:533M(Mail-400MP The highest frequency)
Network: built-in wifi 802.11
Memory Card: Support TF extension up to 32GB max
Video output:3.5mm standard inteface
Battery capacity:4000mah
Charging standard:5V-2A fast charging

What's in the box:
VIDO minione 7.85 Inch Tablet

AC Adapter
Micro-USB to USB Cable
1-Year Limited Warranty. 


  1. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  2. Bought a unit last year, very disappointed. Having many minor problems here and there. Problems are: microSD sometimes doesn't work, using bluetooth while watching movie can shutdown suddenly, touchscreen unresponsive, some unwanted bloatware installed, battery can wear out very fast - watching a 2-hour movie with low brightness setting (from 100% battery level) can finish the battery. The only plus point is the size. Try to avoid this unit.

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