Friday, 2 August 2013

Food: Famous Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Seafood - Restoran Gou Lou, Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor, KL is a food haven. Travel down this street and you will be greeted by an assortment of hawker food shop (mostly chinese food) that will make your mouth water. It's a bustling street especially at night where locals and tourists throng the place to enjoy Malaysia's local food scene. Jalan Alor is the real deal where you can get delicious inexpensive hawker food in KL.

One of my favourite shop that I patronise for breakfast is 'Restoran Gou Lou' which is famous for its Fish Head Noodle and Tom Yam Seafood. Even in the morning, Jalan Alor is already bustling with activities and quite hard to get a parking space.

Here is where the food is prepared. They are already busy preparing all the ingredients to ensure that they are able to cater for the day especially lunch hour.  Look at the mountain of fish that they had already deep-fried at the stall behind the lady with white apron.

Their worker is busy deep-frying the fish maw. It looks delicious and I will definitely add-on to my noodles the next visit.

I chose to dine indoors where it is air conditioned and the interior is brightly lit and clean. Even in the morning, they have a substantial number of customers seated indoors and outdoors.

Proudly display their more than 20 years history and their famous specialities.

Here's what Gou Lou has to offer. They have a variety of noodles to cater for all. For today, I chose the dry curry chicken noodles and my wife had the Tom Yam Seafood meehoon.

The dry curry chicken noodles is yellow-noodles tossed with their speciality sauce and topped off with curry chicken. The noodle is accompanied with sambal and lime which is a great combination eaten together.

Their Tom Yam Seafood noodles arrived steaming hot together with some chilli to dip your seafood in. They are generous with their servings as the portion served is quite huge and topped off with lots of Tom Yam soup. Spicy? It wouldn't be Tom Yam if it's not spicy but the spiciness level is bearable unlike my previous posting on the World's No 1 spiciest pan mee.

Oh yah, why is this shop called Gou Lou (Tall Guy), is because the owner himself is quite tall. Not a giant but taller than most average Malaysians.

Location of Restoran Gou Lou

Address: 37, Jalan Alor, 502000, KL
Contact: 012-6650495
Operating Hours: 7.00am to 4.00pm

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  1. Please be aware of their bad attitude. The prices had increased so much. RM9 small bowl tomyam seafood. During payment, they insist to charge me RM10 & said they served me the L size & why I kept quiet. I didn't even bother to it's my 1st visit. How would I know which is small or large size. Beware of their fleecing!