Monday, 19 August 2013

Review of Hypergear Dry Bag - 100% Waterproof

After a year since I purchased the HyperGear Dry Bag online, it has since been sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used and slowly forgotten. My bad. I totally forgotten that I have the HyperGear bag. Just when the bag thought that it is on its way to the land-of-dead, I revived it during my recent trip to the Kemensah Waterfall trip with my family. You can read about my Kemensah trip here.

I chose the yellow 20L size since I find it a good size for me to carry around such as my Kemensah trip. The bag is neatly stored in a clear plastic cover rolled up in a cylinder shape. After removing it, It's quite hard, for me, to roll it back to the same shape that it came in ... LOL.

HyperGear Dry Bag Sizes

The Dry Bag itself is very durable and strong. To 'lock' the bag, it has to be folded tightly and firmly three times and secure with the clip to create an airtight seal. The material is rubber-like and it's very soft and comfortable to carry. The joints of the bags are constructed by melting the material and joined together. This creates a seal that keeps out water.

Not only that, the bag is easy to clean with a damp cloth. According to the product page, the material used does not melt, fade or warp even after exposure to direct sunlight, resistant to moulds, tear proof and pliable.

The Dry Bag is able to contain quite a number of items. I packed in 2 towels, 1 face towel, change of clothes for family of four, camera and other personal belongings. Now I am able to enjoy my trip to the Kemensah waterfall without fear knowing the safety of my belongings lies within my Dry Bag.

Here are a few photos of me carrying the Dry Bag. It was slightly dirtied and wet from the trip since I just left it on the sandy floor. But the contents are still kept clean and dry. I'm now thinking of getting the HyperGear duffel bag for travels.


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  3. I have never been let down by my Hypergear Dry Bag. Great Review.