Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Visit to the Kemensah Chalet and Waterfall

It's the second day of Raya holiday. Where can we bring our kids where there will be no traffic jam? We decided to bring the kids to the nearest waterfall since they have not been to one and confuse between waterfall and fountains that they see. And it's also good to bring them back to nature some times to appreciate our surroundings. Breathe in some fresh air to clear our lungs.

Many great waterfalls around KL requires some jungle trekking. With two young kids and just me and my wife, we decided that Kemensah would be the best bet since it's accessible by car. For more adventure, you can drive further in to the ATV park to rent ATVs to explore the jungle and ride in to the Batu Asah waterfall.

Getting to Kemensah Chalet and Waterfall is easy. Just drive to Zoo Negara and take the main road beside the zoo heading into Kampung Kemensah. As you drive further, the road slowly narrows and a small compact car would be more suitable and easier to navigate along the winding hill roads. Drive further in for approximately 15 minutes and you will arrive at the Kemensah Chalet and Waterfall. Further up will lead you to the ATV park.

Here are the boys ready in their swimming wear and they are excited to have a swim at the waterfall. They have no idea what to expect since it's their first visit to a waterfall.

The small wooden bridge to get to the chalet and waterfall.

The view of the chalet along the stream. Up ahead is the waterfall.

Here we are at the waterfall. There are already a number of kids swimming in the water. Later we learned that the place is closed for Raya holiday and the caretaker had allowed an orphanage to use their premise.

What a nice picturesque view. It's so relaxing and tranquil. Definitely the best medicine for the body and soul being cooped up in the urban concrete jungle all the time.

Here is Sebastian having a taste of his first dip into the chilling waterfall. He was clinging to me like a monkey and didn't dare to put his feet down.

After much persuasion, he finally did it and he proudly shouts out to mummy that he's walking on the sand in the water. The bottom of the water is filled with sand and rocks.

The water is so refreshingly cold and Sebastian's teeth was chattering. Hahaha ... but it's good for your body to immerse your body in cool water once a while.

At the side is a ledge which is suitable for younger children to splash around in the cool refreshing water.

Me and the boys sitting down relaxing by the side of the water.

This is a bit dangerous. We climbed up to the top tier of the waterfall to grab a view. Got to toughen the boys a bit right.

A good experience for them in jungle trekking. When they are bigger, I'll definitely bring them jungle trekking for them to enjoy nature.

After our swim at the waterfall, we have a walk around the chalet and head towards our picnic area.

Our picnic area. Hehehe ... not exactly picnic. There are ready tables and chairs by the 'swimming pool' filled with water from the hills. The boys gobbling down their hot-dogs.

Mummy and Max. Max is enjoying his hot-dog with his hot chocolate and Ribena.

Here's the children pool. My boys dare not step inside. Hahahaha ...

The adult pool. It's about shoulder lever deep.

Time to leave. There's a place for you to wash your feet filled with cool water from the hill.

Crossing the wooden bridge to get to our car.

There are wild chickens running around everywhere and there's a coop filled with chicks.

There are wooden chalets to rent for day use or if you want to camp overnight. It will be good to rent a chalet for day use if you decide to spent some time trekking and exploring. You can have a place to rest and eat. The toilet is located away from the chalet and sharing basis.

There's no restaurant around here and you need to bring your own food if you decide to pay a visit to Kemensah waterfall. Luckily we packed some hot-dogs, home made pastries, snacks and beverages.


  1. May I know what's the price of the entry fees? And do u have the contact number? Thank you

    1. There's no entrance fee if you access the waterfall only but if you decides to rent the chalet for day use the price is around RM25 to RM50. I'm sorry I don't have their contact number.

  2. What do i put in goggle maps for the location?