Saturday, 10 August 2013

Food: Review of Sun Lun Restaurant at Sri Petaling

After our visit to the Kemensah Waterfall, we met up with family to have lunch at the Sun Lun Restaurant at Sri Petaling. It's a newly opened restaurant and it's located along the Store hypermarket. Their speciality is their Penang prawn mee. It's noodles served in prawn stock.

The interior of the restaurant is sort of unattractive except one side of the wall filled with old photos of Penang.

There is quite some crowd at this restaurant and it's quite warm in there even though there's air conditioner (not sure if it's turned on) and fan.

Let's see what's on the menu. They have a variety of prawn noodles and other type of noodle soup. You have the option to add on extra ingredients at a minimal price.

Their beverages are quite limited as most of it are not available.

Ordered the kway teow soup for Sebastian and Maximus since the prawn noodles are a bit spicy. The kway teow soup is garnished with a generous serving of fish cakes, fish balls and pork meat.

Our hungry boy enjoying his lunch after a day out.

I ordered their signature prawn mee that cost RM 15.00. The prawn noodle is served with 2 huge prawns, handful of cocktail prawns, fish cakes, pork meat, pork ribs and fried  mantis prawns.

The iced white coffee that I ordered was nothing to shout about as well. It's quite watered down.

Their food is nothing to shout about. I have had better prawn noodles around the coffee shops near my house. Their service was poor and our food arrived later than those who arrived later. I would rate them 2 out of 5 and I will think twice in going there again the next time.

But since they are newly opened, I'll give them a benefit of doubt and give it a try few months later. Hopefully by then, they would have improved.

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