Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Occupational Safety and Health Awareness

I was shocked to find this exposed fan at the corner of another wing at my office building left to run. When I asked about this hazard, them at this wing just laughed including the team leads. The people or the managers at this wing should learn up on their Occupational Safety and Health Awareness and dispose this standing fan as it poses a serious risk injury to the unexpected.

Firstly, the cage to prevent the fan blades in coming to contact with anyone or anything is missing. The blades are left spinning dangerously and pose a serious risk injury should anyone goes near it and get cut by the spinning blades. The blades might also hit a hard object causing it to break and send bits of the blades flying in all directions.

Secondly, the back plastic cover that protects the electrical components of the fan is also missing. All the components are left exposed and pose a risk to electrocution. What if there's a short circuit or loose wire and someone touches it?

Thirdly, it is a fire hazard as well. Any short circuit caused by this fan might lead to fault in the electrical system and cause fire. I'm not an electrician but I think it will cause fire since there are reports about fires caused by faulty appliances.

Lastly, the stand itself is also wobbly and it might fall causing injuries.

What are these people thinking? 
Aren't they afraid for their own safety? 
Don't they even have the slightest common sense that this is dangerous?

Maybe I'm over-reacting but I seriously think that a company should place importance on workplace safety. Vice versa, employees should also help to uphold the safety and health of their workplace that they are stuck at for more than 8 hours a day.

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