Thursday, 14 November 2013

Replica Batmobile with FLAMETHROWER

Put a Batty fan in a workshop and what would you get? A replica of the iconic Batmobile used in the 1989 Batman film.

Built in UK on a custom chassis, this replica of the Batmobile cost a whopping £90,000 (approx MYR460, 000) and it comes with a straight six, fuel-injection Jaguar 3.2 litre engine with automatic transmission.

But listen, that's not all. The jet black machine is equipped with a functional flame-thrower at the back and hydraulic suspension to raise the car further nine inches.

The replica Batmobile is capable of 0-60mph in less than five seconds thanks to its lightweight fibreglass body.

This Batmobile is fully road-legal and it will definitely cause a traffic standstill.

The replica Batmobile will be put up for sale at Historics car auction and any Batman fan with the money would gladly fork-out to lay their hands on this almost perfect Batmobile replica. I think that the interior of the Batmobile could be improved further.

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