Friday, 26 July 2013

Review of IKEA Milk Frother

Any coffee lover should have a milk frother stashed somewhere in their kitchen. Its a must have to froth hot milk to pour into your cup of espresso and voila, your own cappuccino or latte.

I bought this inexpensive milk frother from IKEA Malaysia for only RM9.90 and happily using it everyday.

The IKEA milk frother uses 2 AA size batteries and with a flip of the switch, this thing came to live. I tested it out on a cup of warm milk and froth it for 20-30 seconds. I am impress with its speed and it nicely froth the warm milk with a nice foam on top.

The milk frother build is of durable plastic. It has a good feel when I hold it up to froth the milk. The wand (I'm not sure what you call it), is made of stainless steel which you have to be careful not to bend it. Separating the wand and the body is a silicon seal which I guess is to prevent liquid from entering and to hold the wand in place.

Apart from frothing warm milk for my coffee, parents can use it to prepare your child's milk. I will use the frother to blend my child's formula milk to ensure that it's well dissolve. I find that by using the frother, their formula milk looks better and creamier. Maybe it's my imagination but that's what I observed.

In conclusion, this is a good inexpensive utensil to have at home.

This is purely my own observation and I do not receive any profit from this review.

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