Friday, 26 July 2013

Review of Portable FM Modulator Transmitter

Imagine what a dull life it will be without music. Music lovers will love to listen to the beats and rhythm of their favourite music anywhere they are. At this digital age, with the abundance of smart-phones and portable music players at our disposals, it is more convenient for us to carry along with us thousands of songs that can last you for non-stop music for months.

But what do you do when you get caught up in situation where you can put on your earphone and the speaker on your smartphone is just not loud enough. The most common situation will be in car while you are driving. For those who don't own cars with additional audio jacks will find it impossible to continue their music enjoyment.

Fret not. Check out this FM Transmitter modulator. My colleague ordered it online and I decided to review this gadget.

Photo from Product Page
When my colleague passed it to me, my first impression is it's a nice looking and simple gadget. Small enough to carry around without adding much bulk in your pocket.

The "ON/OFF" lever switch is on the top of the unit. At the front, there's a display to show the selected radio channel frequency. At both side of the display are the buttons to scroll up and down to select the channel frequency. At the bottom is the plug-in jack.

Here's how I setup at my office workplace. Yes, I'm a HTC fanboy. I plugged in the transmitter into my HTC ONE X and set it to 100.0 frequency. With my HTC Wildfire connected to my portable Edifier speaker, I tune into the corresponding channel frequency.

You can see the setup of both phones side by side from the top-view.

Here's a back view of the transmitter plugged into my HTC ONE X which is protected by skins from Hydraskins.

I start playing some music from soft to heavy bass to test the sound quality. The sound quality is not too bad. The bass is prominent unlike a FM transmitter that I tried before that produces bass-less music, close to squeaky music to my ear.

I'm impress with this little gadget. It comes with a USB charging cable and an 3.5mm cable extender. I can't comment about the charging time and how long a single charge last since it does not belong to me unless my colleague is willing to loan it to me for few days... LOL

The one thing I like is that it does not come with preset channel frequencies which some other FM modulators does. So you have the freedom to choose a channel that has less disturbance.

In conclusion, this is a great FM modulator transmitter and it is compatible to all smart-phones, tablets or music players. You can get the FM Transmitter from here.

The above review is solely my own observation and opinion. I'm not given any monetary compensation nor test product for this review.

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