Wednesday, 28 August 2013

China's Bodyguard in Training

China opened its door to its first private bodyguard training company in Beijing. The Tianjiao Special Guard Company (GSA) offers rigorous training course which includes aquatic training, martial arts, vehicle safety training and other necessary skills.

With the rise of Chinese multi-millionaires, there are a sharp demand for the service of bodyguards. Whether the need is for safety purpose or as a status symbol no one really cares. Many are lured into becoming bodyguards because of the high income. Even women are attracted to join the trainings since there are also demand for female bodyguards.

The whole rigorous training covers a period of 13 days. Hmmmm ... isn't it too brief? How much can you learn in this 13 days to be a full fledge bodyguard where your employer's safety depends on you.

Source from ChinaDaily.

Below are more photos of female bodyguards in training.

Source from Reuters.

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