Monday, 26 August 2013

Trying out the Cyberbike for SmartTV Edition at Samsung Roadshow

After the sumptuous meal at Halia Restaurant, we head on down to Ikano Power Centre (IPC) for some light shopping. I needed to get some replacement parts for my Black n' Decker grass cutter from Ace Hardware. In the meantime, there's a need to walk off all those food that I stuffed into my tummy.

I was glad that the usual traffic jam heading towards Mutiara Damansara was clear but lo and behold. I spoke too soon. I guess all the traffic were in the car park fighting for available parking bays. I think I spent almost half an hour circling the car park before landing myself with an available parking bay.

Our first stop was ACE Hardware and I got my B&D replacement part and a load of other stuff. After that we just stroll around IPC and we came across Samsung Roadshow at the concourse area in front of Cold Storage. 

There were a bunch of kids surrounding an exercise bicycle and I was curious about it. Was told that it's the Cyberbike for SmartTV. It's an exercise bicycle connected to the Samsung SmartTV. The app is pre-installed together with the TV.

Description from Cyberbike website states it as:
Exergaming at home! Shape your body with this true home exercise bike and its fun fitness games.

CYBERBIKE introduces a brand new way to do sports in your living room.
This is a complete Fitness program using a home exercise bike and game content playable on your Samsung® Smart TV.

Sebastian wanted to give it a try and I asked him to get on the bike. The Samsung promoter was helpful and demonstrates the game to us.

This is the 55" LED Samsung Series 8 that is bundled with the Cyberbike. They are having a promotion at that time. A free Samsung Note 2 together with this TV and the Cyberbike. 

And there goes Sebastian on his gruelling exercise. It looks quite fun and exciting. The game that he tried was cycling in a mine. The game is connected to the exercise bicycle and you need to cycle faster or slow down base on the incline route in the game. The exercise bicycle uses magnetic system to control the resistance.

The Cyberbike is quite responsive in my opinion. Every turn is reflected on the screen almost instantaneously. At this point, Sebastian is getting tired from all the cycling and he's starting to slow down.... LOL. 

Finally he gave up after pedalling continuously for approximately 15 minutes which is quite long. That was a good exercise for him. Since there's still time left on the game, I got on the exercise cycle and tried it out myself.

It's not easy and you got to really pedal when you reach a steep incline and if you need to jump over a huge gap. I pedalled for a good few minutes and I can feel my body warming up. Not wanting to break a sweat, I stopped. It was an interacting game and a good way to enjoy your exercise.

This is a good piece of exercise system to have but at the price tag of RM 15k for the Samsung TV and Cyberbike, I would rather get myself a Playstation 4 or Kinect for XBox 360.

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  1. quite nice... do you know how much the price only for cyberbike?