Thursday, 6 June 2013

Fry, Fry, Fry Away - Philips Airfryer

Too busy to conjure up a snack especially for your little ones? Or too afraid to fry food at home because of the fuss and mess. Have no fear. Philips AirFryer is here to save the day.

Bought the black Philips AirFryer
The Philips AirFryer is definitely a revolution in home cooking that caters to the needs of  busy modern family that are looking for mess-free healthy ways to prepare meals or snacks for the family especially when children are involved. It uses the Rapid Air Technology that enables you to fry, bake, roast and grill the tastiest meals. How about the fats? The meals are prepared with minimal fat since practically no oil is needed.

Integrated timer and adjustable temperature
On the top there's the integrated timer that allows to pre-set cooking times up to 30 minutes with a ‘ready’ sound indicator. The middle knob is the the adjustable temperature that allows you to pre set cooking temperature up to 200 degrees.

Large capacity for cooking
Frozen nuggets ready to be fried
 Popped in a few frozen nuggets from the freezer and set the temperature to 180 degrees and 20 minutes cooking time. And we are ready to go.

AirFryer ready in action. The red LED indicator lights up while in use.
15 minutes down the road and the nuggets are ready to be eaten
Ahhh ... oil-free nuggets. The nuggets are crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.
Only need to wash these
 Never has preparing for fried food being such a breeze. It only took 15 minutes to fry some snacks straight from the freezer to the mouths of the little ones. Wait ... the best part of all is the cleaning up. You only need to wash the non-stick coated drawer and food basket.

The Philips AirFryer is definitely a revolution in home cooking and a must for busy modern families where healthy food are their priority.

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