Friday, 7 June 2013

Jabra Revo Review - The On-the-Go Headphone

Look around you and most often you can see zombie-like humans walking around with huge headphones staring down on their smartphones or tablets. These days, headphones are a necessity to have and you can't leave home without it. Thus, portability and storage of these huge headphones are important.

The latest Jabra's Revo headphones with its foldable design allows you to store it easily without worrying of it getting bent. The Revo comes in 2 versions; wired and wireless.

The Revo sports a stylish design and it comes in matte black or white. The earcups are held by an aluminium frame that makes it durable. Jabra claims the consturction of the Revo as shatterproof.

The audio cable comes with in-line controls for volume and music playback with phone calls receiving capabilities for Android and iOS smartphones.

The padded headband and ear cups feels comfortable during long hours of usage.


The bass tones are definitely distinct with the Revo and at times over-powering the mids and high frequencies. Bass heavy tracks certainly will benefit from this headphone. However, for tracks that are not heavy on the bass will suffer.

The headphones comes with a free-to-download Jabra Sound app for Android and iOS devices that features Dolby Digital processing and equaliser options to tweak your music.


The Revo's compact size and flexibility is definitely its forte. With the ability to answer calls, it allows user uninterrupted listening experience.

It's a great unit if you commute by public transport daily or travel often.

To learn more about the Revo, you can visit Jabra's site HERE

You can get this from Amazon

More photos of Jabra Revo

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