Monday, 15 July 2013

7 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The fresh smell of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning is definitely the best aroma that can greet me and perk me up. When I feel tired or groggy anytime of the day, a cup of black coffee is what I need to give me the much needed energy and boost to pull through the day to get my work done. Other than the energy boost, coffee has its hidden benefits that might just surprise you. 

Read on for the 7 benefits you can get from a cup of good o' joe.

1. Longer Life  Expectancy
A recent study done by the National Cancer Institute found that individuals who drink coffee on a regular basis are likely to live longer than those who don’t. Many scientists think the reason behind is due to the many natural antioxidants that are found in coffee. 

2. Disease Prevention 
In a study done by Harvard, researchers found that drinking one to three cups of black coffee per day can benefit the health dramatically. By drinking few cups per day, it can reduce diabetes and lower the risk of Parkinson disease and colon cancer. The chances for developing breast cancer in women is also reduced.

3. Working Out
Having a sip of coffee releases endorphins in your body that get you in a good mood and you will have the oomph to hit work your body. Endorphins increases your performance and enables you to workout longer and harder. So consider a cup of coffee before you exercise and during your workout session to give you the extra boost.

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4. Cognitive Function
It is found that caffeine in coffee prevents plague buildup of beta-amyloid that allows our brain to function smoothly. Coffee drinking on a regular basis can help you increase your cognitive abilities. Researches in California have found out that regular coffee drinkers, especially those in their senior years, shows an increase or improved thinking abilities. This improves our problem solving abilities.

5. Stroke
Studies done previously have proven that chance of stroke could be reduced by drinking more than one coffee beverage per day.

6. Better Health
Coffee contains more than 1,00 antioxidants. By enjoying a cup of coffee filled with all the goodness it brings, you are benefiting your body in numerous ways. Antioxidants can reduce inflammation caused by arthritis and get rid of toxins from your body. The more active antioxidants you have in your body, the better you will feel inside and outside.

7. Gout
Gout affects many people and is extremely painful. It affects the joints and restricts movement. Regular coffee consumption can ward off the pain and soothe this condition. Regular coffee drinkers have lower risk of developing gout due to the presence of antioxidants in coffee that reduces the insulin in your body.

So let's enjoy our daily cups of coffee whenever you want. The health benefits presence in this beverage should be enough reason for you to head out and stock up your cupboard with a variety of coffee. But, watch out for the milk, sugar or other additives that you add into your coffee. They may counter the wonderful health benefits of the coffee.

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