Monday, 8 July 2013

Deliziosa - Spasso Milano at Pavilion KL

Spasso Milano is contemporary Italian restaurant which offers cuisine which represents the gambit of all things Italian. From a simple garlic bread; pizza base covered with fresh garlic, olive oil and sea salt; right through to tempting desserts for the sweet tooth, the journey is one to savour. Duck breast, spinach and ricotta dumplings, fresh gnocchi, a range of wood-fired pizzas,... fresh hand-made pasta, and other exciting delights are available.

The first time we patronise Spasso Milano was for a birthday party and Spasso was then still at Jalan Ampang and has since relocated to Pavilion KL. The newly relocated Spasso opened its doors to public on January 2013, Level 6. The food quality is excellent and the service is top-notch.
The thing that I like most is that their Executive Chef, Felice Martinelli still helms the kitchen, retaining its Italian origins in every delicacy that leaves the kitchen.

Sitting in the new Spasso, you get to brace in the cosy and relaxing ambience. The restaurant is well-lit and you are greeted by a fusion of delicious Italian aroma escaping from the open kitchen. The kitchen is set in the middle of the restaurant and customers can engage with the chef.

We decided to have the Spasso Antipatsi buffel lunch which starts from RM24.80++. The buffet serves appetizers, soup, salad, main menu of your choice, dessert and a drink. Who could say no to a deal as good as this?

We decided to place our order of the 'Margherita wood-fire pizza' and 'Pork neck in pizzaiola sauce'.

We started our lunch with their soup of the day; tomato and onion soup. I prefer the onion soup whereby my wife prefers the tomato soup. Their soup is totally tasty and heavenly.

We then started with some of the Italian appetizers and salad. They were simply delish .... I can't stop going for few rounds but I got to hold myself back to save my stomach for my main course and dessert.

In the midst of our salad, the Margherita pizza arrived. The smell of the melted cheese and freshly baked pizza could send you to the moon and back. A dash of parmesan and I took the first bite of the think crust. The pizza is just perfectly made.

The pork neck arrived and I sat there basking in the aroma of the pork slices accompanied with side salad and pasta. Cutting into the pork, it's tender and juicy. The taste? I think by now you should know it is tasty but a tad salty for me. The pasta was also perfectly cooked. My only complain is, I wish there is more of the pork neck.

After polishing off the main dishes, I went for another round or two of the appetisers, salad and soup. Well, I am guilty of being a glutton. I can't help it as the food there is amazing.

Last but not least, I finished off the lunch with their desserts; variety of cakes. It was a good ending to a nice meal.

Spasso Milano, Lot 6.44 & 6.45, Level 6, Pavilion KL, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening times: 10am to 11pm.
Service: Good.
Contact:  03 2148 0688

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