Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FARTO - Despicable Me 2 Review

After a secret laboratory near the Artic is stolen by a mysterious flying giant magent that contains a dangerous mutating chemical, PX-41. The PX-41 could transform every living things into indestructible killing machines. The Anti-Villian League (AVL) was put on high-alert and the organization decides to recruit Gru's assistant to track down the perpetrators.

Gru was abducted by Lucy Wilde, and AVL agent and brought back to AVL's headquarters to meet the director, Ramsbottom. He was briefed on the situation but he turned down the offer but changed his mind later on when his "evil" scientist, Dr Nefario quits.

The story continues on with much fun and laughter as the story takes on a different twist where Gru turns into a spy in the Paradise Mall, breaking into store and attacked by a crazy chicken. Gru's fatherhood is put to test when he tries to keep his daugther away from a boy and ended up falling in love with his Lucy.

Despicable Me 2 is heartwarming and entertaining where the characters not only appeals to children but adults as well. Other than seeing Gru dressed in fairy costume to impress his youngest daughter and also the endless cool gadgets such as the lipstick taser and fart gun, his army of yellow minions are the steal of the show.

I strongly recommend this movie for a good laugh. My boys enjoyed it so much and was laughing their heads off in the cinema.

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Despicable Me

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