Monday, 22 July 2013

Food: Home-made Pizzas By My Little Chefs

What do you do when you have two restless boys at home and it's nearing lunch-time. Well, get them to prepare their own lunch. Getting them to prepare their own lunch is less messier than them carrying out all their toys from their playroom and leave the living room looking like a war-zone.

Here is Maximus, preparing his pizza. You can see the ingredients lined up in front of him and him copying how his Sebastian koko (big-brother) is preparing his pizza.

Sebastian carefully lining his ingredients on his pizza base.

The unfinished pizza. Both of them are busy decorating their pizza. Max tends to overdo it and he piled up the ingredient 3 inches thick. We have to scoop back some ingredients under much protest from him.

Hahaha ... Epic expression of Sebastian with his finished pizza.

And Max, caught unaware by trigger happy daddy snapping away.

Here's a close-up shot of the pizza that they prepared.

Into the oven it goes to bake for approximately 15 minutes and out comes their first home-made pizza. Fresh from the oven.

And what else better to do then to enjoy the labour of your own hard work.


Thumbs up for the pizza team. They surely enjoyed their experience in making their own pizza and requested to do it again sometime. Well, why not. It's a great way to keep them occupied.

Other than keeping them occupied, it's also a great way to enhance their motor skills and brain development. It's a great way to get them to have hands on real-life work. From there, they could learn about the type of healthy food and ingredients that is being used to prepare a pizza.

Apart from that, they can learn the process how a pizza is made from a plain old pizza base to a delicious hot steaming pizza. They are also taught on the safety of cooking and danger of sharp and hot objects that they should be aware of.

I recommend that parents start to engage and experience real-life situations with their own children at home. It creates a bonding and the experience, no money can buy.

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