Thursday, 18 July 2013

Images of Mutant Vegetables after Fukushima Disaster

Has the Fukushima nuclear disaster two years ago taken its toll? The fallout from the nuclear power plant disaster appears to have found its way into the food chain as snapshots of mutated plants and vegetables are emerging online.

The pictures shows the plants and vegetables covered with deformities and lumps. But there are no evident on the source where the produce was farmed from.

'Exploding lumps' on tomato
Double peach, double joy?

Four oranges on the same stem

Farmers comparing the size of the 'mutant cabbage'

A bunch of brinjals

Leaf sprouting from cucmber

Sprouts emerging from a tomato

Lumps of tomatoes on the same stem

Gimme FIVE!! .. Five fingers turnip

Sunflower within sunflower

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