Thursday, 18 July 2013

Food: Review of Arenna Diner - Jalan Tun Perak

Check out the Arenaa Diner when you are town. It's situated opposite SEGi College and along the same row as Mydin. I was introduced to this diner by my friend who brought me there to try out the food there. And ever since, I have patronised this diner frequently. Working around that area for years, I am always daunted by the question of what and where to have our lunch. Arenaa Diner answered my call and I would go there whenever I want to have a good lunch and comfortable place to kick back and relax.

Entrance to Arenaa Diner
The entrance to Arenaa Diner taken from opposite of the road while waiting to cross the road. The exterior of the diner resembles those 60s American Diners and the interior is very comfortable. A tad too small and cramp especially during lunch hours but cosy enough for you to enjoy your meal and have a good chat with your company. Seated at your place, you can have a full view of the kitchen and bar.

Cool mailbox deco at the waiting area
Wall decoration
Lunch crowd
Kitchen and bar
Let's have a look at their menu. They have a wide variety of food ranging from salads, pasta, burger, snacks and so on. The pricing? It's reasonable for the quality of food you get. On average, you will be spending RM10 for a meal in a nice air-conditioned Diner escaping the KL heat outside. I definitely rate this as a deal.

Food menu
 Their beverage and desserts are also reasonably priced. For an additional RM1 with your meal, you have an option of ice lime juice, ice green tea and jasmine tea. Their coffee range is excellent as well. Being a coffee lover, I have tried most of their coffee.

Beverage and Dessert menu
I have patronised this Diner few times and I've tried their Beef Burger, meatball spaghetti, lasagne, chicken chop, baked chicken leg, Caesar salad and fish & chips. I give a thumbs up for all their dishes. It's not the best but definitely worth their price for the quality of the food. I only have photos of Beef Burger and meatball spaghetti. Too hungry most of the time to snap photos.... =)

Location: No. 23 Jalan Tun Perak , 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 24Hours
FB page:

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