Thursday, 18 July 2013

Food: Review of Ocean Batu Maung Seafood - Batu Maung, Penang

I still remember being laughed at by my friend from Penang when I told her that I went to Batu Ferringhi for seafood. She told me that is to slaughter tourist. To get good fresh seafood at reasonable price, should go to Batu Maung which is at the other end of Penang island.

The memory of being laughed at still fond in my memories, I decided to pay a visit to Batu Maung during my next visit to Penang with my family for my seafood. I Googled and came across Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant. Keyed in the location into my GPS and off we go.

I was lost as the direction I got online was pointing me towards their old location and I ended up at a prohibited area. I quickly did a u-turn and left. A local directed us to the restaurant's new location and I was thankful that my journey here was not in vain.

The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and overall looks relatively new. By now, both my boys are asleep after a day out. Me and my wife tried numerous attempt to wake them up but I guess it's destined for us to have a quiet evening meal ... =)

Since we are at Batu Maung, we ordered only seafood. But too bad, they ran out of lobster. I badly wanted to have lobster.

The first dish of Kangkung Belacan arrived. The kangkung was nicely cooked and still crunchy. Yes, it's not seafood, but we still need to get our balance of greens.

I'm not sure what's the name of this dish, but the fish came in a claypot cooked in their special black sauce. The onion garnish came separately with the dish. While still hot, we threw in the onions and cover it for few minutes. I guess this method is to prevent the onions from over-cooking. The fish was fresh and delicious.

Next was the mantis prawns. We ordered 2 mantis prawn - steam and baked. The steam mantis prawn was so 'sweet' and fresh. It was perfectly cooked and the meat was tender. Makes my mouth water thinking about it now.

We decided to pack the baked mantis prawns for the boys when they wake up later. But we stole a bite from it and it was heavenly. The cheese sauce is just right and it blends nicely with the freshness of the mantis prawn.

The fried crab with salted egg makes its entrance. Just look at it. Isn't it nice? The sauce itself was creamy and tasty yet not overpowering the freshness of the crab.

Last but not least, the baby squid dish. It's really tiny and from far it looks like a plate filled with some  fried insects. The squid was very crispy and nice. Good dish to have if you are enjoying beer with your friends.

Overall, the experience was good. The staff at the restaurant was also friendly. The total bill was around RM170 which I think was quite reasonable. The bulk of the price came from the mantis prawns that cost around RM40 each. I will definitely return the next trip to Penang.

Heading back to the hotel, we stopped by Penang famous hawker centres to pack some noodles and BBQ chicken wings for our supper. More for my boys since they are still fast asleep when we left.

My eldest, Sebastian, enjoying his dinner with the baked mantis prawn. My youngest, Maximus, was still fast asleep until the next morning.

Ocean Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant
(right beside Pelabuhan Perikanan MITP Batu Maung)
Unit B1 to Bangsal Industrial MITP Batu Maung Fisher Port
Batu Maung
11960, Bayan Lepas
Tel: 04 - 6266 928

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