Thursday, 25 July 2013

Japanese girls renting out their THIGH for Advert Space

Give credit to Japan for all the weird and unusual stuff they bring to the world. But this latest thigh-advert seems like a good gimmick.

An advertising agency, WIT, came up with this unique method in capturing people's attention by using women's thigh as a living billboard. You can't really blame them for coming up with all sorts of innovative ways to advertise since Tokyo itself is smothered by advertisements - large billboards, neon signs and huge TV screens.

Hidenori Atsumi, CEO of WIT commented that it's the perfect place to place an advertisement since it's what guys are eager to look at and girls are willing to expose. Well, I certainly have no objection to that and guys can be let off the hook since we are only looking at the ads.

This has proved popular and many young girls have signed up for this. The tattoos are temporary tattoos of products or company logos and they are paid daily. They are also encouraged to wear short skirts and high socks to draw attention to the ad. What a great way of earning some extra cash by doing things they like such as shopping and hanging out.

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