Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Candy: Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi Candy Set

If you a candy lover and a big fan of DIY, you must have come across this Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY candy set. They are the most fun and the most creative do-it-yourself candy making set that you can grab your hands on. And who else could create all these wonderful creative products other than the Japanese.

Ever since my boys laid eyes on all these DIY candy set on YouTube, they have been bugging me to get it for them. I searched high and low but I just can't seem to find any of these DIY candy sets anywhere in KL. After much searching, I finally came across it during a business trip overseas and I grabbed few boxes.

Here's the Sushi candy set that we are going to start of with. The front of the box is bright and colourful with cute prints of cartoon characters and the sushi.

The back of the box has the detailed instruction of the process in making the candy but it is all in Japanese. I totally have no knowledge on the Japanese language but no fear. In this modern world, we can always Google or YouTube.

At the side of the box, the ingredients are printed in English with other information such as the expiry date of the candy set.

Sebastian all smiles and eager to get his hands dirty on the DIY candy sushi set. He had already impatiently  opened the box flap and telling me to stop taking pictures.

Here is how the packaging looks like straight out from the box. Since I do not understand what is written, I guess I have to cut along the lines and place the sushi on top of the plates. There is also further instructions at the back of the packaging.

Open up the packaging and you will find the tray, candy powder in different colour packets, a gummy, a mini spatula and dropper. There are six packets of the candy powder all together.

BLUE is for the rice.
YELLOW is for the egg.
PINK is for the tuna.
ORANGE and GREEN for the fish roe.
BROWN is for the sweet soy sauce.

Now that we have sort out everything, let's get started with the candy making process. Next to us is the iPad with the instructional video on YouTube.

Grab hold of the RICE packet and mix the content with water in the tray. There's a line indicator in the tray to guide how much water to add in before you pour the rice powder. The texture of the rice is soft and spongy. You can squeeze and squash it anyhow you want to but don't overdo it... LOL.

Next mix the EGG and TUNA powder in the two rectangular tray. Mix them well and try to flatten the mixture as much as you can and leave it to harden. It roughly takes 10 to 15 minutes to harden but then you will be busy continuing other steps.

Remove the black gummy from the wrapper and press it down to flatten and pull it at its side to form a rectangular shape. The template is at the back section of the packaging. This black gummy is the seaweed which will be used to wrap around the rice. It is very sticky and according to Sebastian, the black gummy is sweet to the taste.

Lastly, is to prepare the fish roe. Mix both the ORANGE and GREEN powder in different sections of the tray. Use the dropper to fill it with the orange liquid and slowly press out droplets into the Green powder mixture. Amazingly, once in contact with the mixture, it hardens and forms small little balls which is the fun part of the whole sushi candy making process.

Time to form the sushi. Firstly, divide up the rice into small sushi portion. For the egg and tuna, use the spatula and cut it in half to be placed on top of the rice. Then use the seaweed and wrap it around the rice and scoop out the fish roe to be placed in the sushi.

Lastly, mix the soya sauce and again using the dropper, drop a few drops on your candy sushi. Too bad there are only limited rice since we still have some leftovers of the fish roe.

I decided to cut out the 'plates' from the packaging and place them in the bowl for the sushi. 

Check out the colourful sushi creation by Sebastian. The sushi on the bottom is Sebastian's creation with a blend of tuna and fish roe.

And every chef has to test out their food to ensure the utmost quality is upheld. All the candy gone in few seconds. I tried one and it is actually, well; quite nice. Not what I expected it to be but could pass my taste bud.

For parents with younger children, you may need to help out and guide your child in the whole process. It may look easy but not for younger children. Anyway, it will be fun to join them in the fun in making the candy as you will find it amazing as well.

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