Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stark Message on Women Trafficking at Amsterdam Red-Light District

'De Wallen' in Amsterdam is famous for their red light district where scantily clad young women stands behind windows flirting and posing for men seeking sex in exchange for money. 'De Wallen' the largest red-light district in the city consists of alleys that housed hundreds of tiny one-room cabins rented out to prostitutes to ply their flesh trade.

But what happened today sends a grim message to onlookers, mostly men, who were initially cheering on a dance routine by scantily-clad women in one of the sex joints.

Four beautiful young women stands behind the window display gyrating with moves to woo customers. But out of sudden, one of the women began to move violently causing curious onlookers to stop and watch. One by one of the women starts to join in the action and launched into a perfect choreographed dance routine

The crowd cheered and applaud the dance show that they are getting. Some even dance along with the women. The dance performance was amazing and the women were in sync with their dance routine even though they are in separate cubicles.

As the dance ended, the crowd broke into a frenzy cheering the women. But what happened next took the grins and smile away from the crowd.

A message was projected at the front of the building.

'Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe'

'Sadly, they end up here.'

The crowd was shocked and can be seen uncomfortable as the stark reality unfolds on them the human misery of the flesh trade. Every year, the number of trafficked women increases and will continue as long as the demand is there.

This stunt was created by Dutch advertising firm Duval Guillaume for anti trafficking group, Stop the Traffik.

The group campaigns and acts to stop people being deceived or taken against their will and sold and transported into slavery for sexual exploitation, forced begging, the removal of human organs, sold as child brides or forced to work in sweat shops and domestic servitude.

Source: DailyMail

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