Sunday, 11 August 2013

Food: Review of Braverline Cafe & Restaurant at KL Festival City Mall

Yesterday was my first visit to the KL Festival City Mall. Since I was around the area, we decided to drop by the mall for lunch. It's a good mall to get most of your basic shopping needs plus food and entertainment.

Browsing through the floor directory, a few restaurants caught our interest and Braverline was one of them. After browsing through a few, we finally decided to try out Braverline. We have some difficulty locating Braverline's since their entrance is not in the mall. You have to exit to their Alfresco outdoor dining area and it's next to the Pulau Ketam Steamboat restaurant.

The outdoor dining area. Look how quiet and serene it is. I guess the Raya crowd is still not back yet and we better enjoy KL at its best.

Braverline's entrance with its 'B' missing. I guess the 'B' went for Raya break as well.... LOL.

The view from inside Braverline. There was only few customers around.

Braverline beverage and dessert counter.

The interior of Braverline is cosy and comfortable. Maybe there's only us inside, so we can sit back and relax.

Let's have a look at their menu. This is their lunch and dinner set for weekdays only. Their food looks good.

Braverline western menu.

Braverline local delights.

Braverline desserts.

Braverline wide selection of beverages.

Initially I wanted to order the Braver Nasi Lemak but was informed by the server that the Pandan rice is not available today and will be replaced by white rice. She further explained that due to the Raya break, and they just re-opened, there was not enough time to prepare their speciality pandan rice; which they profusely apologise. So we ordered other recommended items on the menu.

The Braver Chicken Chop arrived. The dish looks quite bare and I think some extra salad will make it more interesting.

Next was their Cheesy Chicken Chop. It looks interesting but same comment. Their dish could improve on their presentation.

Their Mee Siam is served and the portion is large with generous serving of papadum and sambal chilli. I must say that their Mee Siam is simply delicious and recommended to try.

Last but not least was my Hawaiian Chicken Burger. The burger is exploding with fresh vegetables served with potato wedges on the side. I enjoyed this burger but I wish that their chicken burger meat would have been thicker.

Overall, their food is delicious especially the Mee Siam. I guess that Braverline specialises more on local delights than western food. The chicken chop was on the dry side but the good side it is healthier since they uses breast meat instead of drumstick and thigh. Their potato wedges are also freshly cut potatoes instead of those frozen wedges.

I will return to try out their speciality Braver Nasi Lemak with their signature nasi pandan.

Me and Maximus
Maximus enjoying his meal
Maximus and Uncle Alvin

Braverline location:

Lot G-20, Ground Floor, 
KL Festival City Mall, 
67 Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 KL

Contact: 03-4131 7289



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