Sunday, 11 August 2013

Playtime with Play-Doh

What better way to increase your child's creativity and have fun at the same time. Not to mention mess up the house. Give them some Play-Doh and tools and see what they creative juice brings them to.


It's already nearing midnight and the kids still refuse to sleep. Maximus requested for Play-Doh to play with so wifey setup the play area for them. Where was I? Hehehehe .. lazing on the sofa and falling asleep. Their play table all ready and time for them to create. The table and rattan chairs are from Ikea.

Below is their Play-Doh masterpiece.

Max and his abomination

Seb and his long haired monster
Seb and his four-armed monster
Seb happy face with teddy bear on top monster
Seb proudly showing off his masterpiece.
It's nice to see how they have improved and able to mould and create something from Play-Doh. The boys certainly are growing up and their creativity abilities are improving. From just using the tools to cut the Play-Doh since they are young till now that they are able to create something is definitely wonderful. Keep it up boys.

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