Sunday, 11 August 2013

Combat Time in Laser WarZone at eCurve Damansara

It's combat time at Laser WarZone at eCurve Damansara. What a way to end the Raya break for the boys. Well, more for Sebastian since Maximus is still too young to join in the fun. Laser Tag is an indoor game played in teams (green and blue) in a close to pitch black arena.

Left to right: Ethel, Aaron and Sebastian
The participants will put on their battle vest with a phaser attached where they will enter the arena to tag each other. Every successful tag will earn them points within a time frame of 10 minutes per battle. The vest itself is quite heavy given for young children to wear but well, they still manage to battle for 3 hours.

You can opt for single battle at RM17 or two battles at RM27. But RM55 unlimited access sounds worthwhile and the kids can battle out to their hearts content. After paying their unlimited access recruitment fees, the three newly recruits enter their command post to be briefed on their battle strategies and rules of the game.

Here they are all geared up and ready to combat and fight till their end. Each troop is identified by the name displayed on the gun. Don't let Ethel's angelic face fool you. She's the fiery one amongst the team who scored the most points, so don't mess with her.

Sebastian teasing Maximus since he's too young to join in the battle. Mischievous boy. Mummy has to pull crying Maximus away and comfort him by purchasing new Play-Doh for him to pass time. Poor boy.

The final moment has arrived. It's time for the troops to leave their command post. Adrenaline rushing and their little hearts pumping unaware what to expect as they enter in the battle zone. Make us proud kiddos. Fight hard and be safe.

There's a waiting area for other participants to wait for their turn. It's quite a nice comfortable place with some board games available. In the waiting area, we are able to view the on-going battle and the results of each troopers. WiFi is provided and drinks can be purchased at the ticket counter.

The three little troopers navigating their way through the maze in darkness scouting out their enemies.

The battle ends and the troops comes marching out. They enjoyed themselves so much that it was hard to pull them away. Since there's not much crowd, they are able to continue each battle one after another. They surely got their money worth since they fought for three solid hours having few breaks in between to refresh themselves. Good on you little troopers. 

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