Friday, 23 August 2013

"Mythical Sea Creature" washes ashore in Spain

A mysterious sea creature washed up to shore in Spain which bears resemblance to mythical beast that has scientist baffled. A lady swimmer stumbled upon the carcass's head and reported to authorities where they later found and retrieve the rest of the body.

With it's long white slithery body and horned head, it's no wonder it caught the attention of marine biologists. The carcass was in a bad state of decomposition and it has to be buried for health safety reasons.

There are speculations that it could be a type of shark or an oar-fish but researchers are still examining to determine what it is. It's hard to identify what type of creature it is due to its extensive decay and bones analysis would be costly. But so far, its still a mystery since there are no known sea creatures with horns documented.

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